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Server Setup Guide

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The MyWorkDrive Server services provide web based access to existing Windows file sharing folders that support our Web File Manager, Mapped Drive Client and Mobile Apps. The MyWorkDrive Server services should be installed on a stand-alone Windows physical or virtual server that is located on the same LAN and domain as the Windows file shares and run within IIS.  Setup will install the IIS services automatically.  In addition to making the file shares available over a web browser, the MyWorkDrive server enables our API for securely mapping drives using our Mapped Drive, Office 365 & Mobile Clients. For additional details, read the Technical Overview Support Doc and the MyWorkDrive security overview.

View the setup video here:

Before you begin, ensure you have regular and complete backups of your file server(s).  In addition, we recommend volume shadow copy be enabled with hourly snapshots on all file share drives.


 Step 1: Server Prerequisites 

  • Domain-joined, fully patched server running Windows 2016 – 2019 Server.
  • .Net 4.6.1
  • Minimum 4 GB ram, 2 virtual cpu’s if installed as a virtual machine – for larger enterprises please review our Server Sizing Guide.
  • Direct Internet access on the server running MyWorkDrive (no proxy services) to activate and in