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Publishing your MyWorkDrive server to the internet

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The MyWorkDrive server software hosts a Webclient and API for install clients to access MyWorkDrive. In most cases that is accomplished by publishing the server on the internet

MyWorkDrive can be used on private networks with internal DNS and behind restrictions such as VPN or Conditional Access Policies/compliant devices


There are three common options to making MyWorkDrive available.

There are a couple diagrams that demonstrate the options here:


Cloud Web Connector

Most customers prefer and appreciate the additional convenience, security, and performance the Cloud Web Connector (built-in reverse proxy) affords. The Cloud Web Connector requires no inbound ports to be exposed on your MyWorkDrive server. It requires port 7844 outbound to Cloudflare. Learn more about Cloudflare here.
The Cloud Web Connector supports all features of MyWorkDrive including SSO, Client Access, Office Editing, etc.

*In earlier versions of MyWorkDrive there are file size limits associated with using the Cloud Web Connector, in version 6.4 there are no longer any limits.

If you initially choose Cloudflare to get setup easily, you can later change to a Direct Connection or your own Proxy at any time.

Direct Connection

Alternatively, a direct connection could be configured on your MyWorkDrive server. This permits you to use your own hostname for access.


Proxy / Reverse Proxy

Another common alternative would be to setup your own proxy/reverse proxy. The public access via the MyWorkDrive Web Client and MyWorkDrive Desktop Client is an IIS website. As long as you don’t enable compression, you can setup any proxy/reverse proxy. Some options are: