Private Cloud File Sharing for Law Firms

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With MyWorkDrive, there’s no need to migrate or transfer files outside of your firm’s control. All data stays secure under your governance and compliance policies allowing for a custom-tailored private cloud set up with easy file sharing for law firms.

In the legal profession, safeguarding client information is a matter of ethics and compliance. See best practices for file management by law firms here. With teams dispersed across multiple offices and locations, law firms require robust solutions that allow authorized personnel to securely access, share, and collaborate on sensitive case files from anywhere.

MyWorkDrive provides an industry-leading secure remote access platform tailored for the legal sector. With advanced security controls, compliance capabilities, public file sharing, and seamless collaboration tools, MyWorkDrive empowers your legal teams to work efficiently and productively without compromising on data security and privacy.

MyWorkDrive Private Cloud Security and Compliance

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When it comes to client matters, security and compliance can never be an afterthought. MyWorkDrive deploys defense-grade security controls and governance capabilities to ensure files remain secure, access is tightly restricted, and your firm maintains compliance. See our cryptographic algorithm validation here. This allows MyWorkDrive to meet and exceed regulations like HIPAA, FINRA, FEDRAMP, and GDPR.

  • Secure File Storage Access: Unlike cloud file-sharing services that require uploading confidential case files, MyWorkDrive allows law firms to keep all sensitive client data securely within their own environment. Your important legal documents remain intact, whether stored in on-premises file servers, network attached storage, Microsoft cloud services like Azure or SharePoint, or other private cloud repositories. With MyWorkDrive, there’s no need to migrate or transfer case files outside of your firm’s control. All data stays securely under your governance and compliance policies within your private cloud infrastructure.
  • Data Leak Prevention: Safeguard against data leaks and maintain regulatory compliance for your law firm, without hindering productivity. With MyWorkDrive, your staff can securely view and edit Office files online while powerful security controls operate behind the scenes. All file access is encrypted, logged, and searchable, with watermarking and time stamps to deter misuse. Our secure viewer prevents unauthorized copying or printing of confidential content. Plus, alerts notify you of any suspicious user activity, allowing you to take timely action against potential breaches or policy violations.
  • Device Approval and MFA: Law firms can leverage MyWorkDrive’s integration with DUO 2FA or any SAML identity provider to enforce two-factor authentication for secure remote access to case files and client data. Prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to your file shares by requiring pre-approval from IT administrators. Gain visibility into usage patterns with detailed logs showing user access times, last logins, operating systems, and more for all devices accessing your firm’s confidential data remotely.
  • Regulatory Compliance: MyWorkDrive delivers the robust security safeguards and compliance capabilities required by law firms and legal organizations. Our solution meets stringent standards such as CMMC, FIPS, FINRA, FEDRAMP HIPAA, and GDPR. By deploying MyWorkDrive within your firm’s existing Windows file server environment, you create a private secure cloud that facilitates regulatory compliance. This allows your legal teams to gain secure remote access and file collaboration capabilities while ensuring all data remains under your firm’s control and governance policies.

Private Cloud File Sharing for Dispersed Teams

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With a modern and secure file access solution, your attorneys and legal teams can collaborate and share files seamlessly without being bottlenecked by legacy VPN or RDP inefficiencies. Read about the pitfalls of VPNs here. Sending documents to clients has never been easier with MyWorkDrive’s public sharing feature. MyWorkDrive facilitates productive real-time co-editing while maintaining robust security protocols.

  • Pubic File Sharing: Allow users to securely collaborate with clients or partners outside your organization without requiring them to have a MyWorkDrive account. Users can generate a publicly accessible link to share via email, chat, etc. Link recipients have access to shared files and folders via a browser with no software installation required.
  • Co-Edit Documents: Full integration with Office Online allows multiple users across locations to simultaneously co-edit documents, contracts, briefs, and more – eliminating versioning headaches.
  • Simple to Use & Deploy: An intuitive interface with web browser, mapped drive, and mobile app access ensures high user adoption. Rapidly connect to your existing file shares with no retraining of staff or complex and risky VPN configuration.
  • Secure Anywhere Access: With MyWorkDrive, attorneys and staff can access and collaborate on files securely from any location and approved device – including personal laptops or mobile devices.
  • Office 365 Integration: Extend the value of your Microsoft investment and collaborate in Office 365 directly from MyWorkDrive through a secure encrypted tunnel connection.

Protection Against Modern Threats

The financial and reputational impacts of a data breach or malware infection can be catastrophic. Read more about cyber attacks against law firms here. MyWorkDrive incorporates multiple layers of defense to ensure your critical data assets remain insulated from internal and external threats.

  • End-to-End Encryption: For law firms handling sensitive client data, MyWorkDrive ensures all information remains encrypted during transmission using advanced SSL/TLS 1.2 security protocols – the industry standard for data encryption in transit. Additionally, MyWorkDrive seamlessly supports and provides secure remote access to files that are encrypted at rest using Windows Server’s built-in encryption features. This end-to-end encryption safeguards confidential case files, communications, and documents as they move between your firm’s private servers and authorized users’ devices, preventing unauthorized interception or data leaks.
  • Ransomware Prevention: The impacts of a ransomware attack can be devastating for legal organizations – from breaching client confidentiality to extended disruptions in billable work and case preparation. MyWorkDrive’s secure remote access architecture prevents this by never syncing or caching files locally on user devices. This approach creates an air gap against the lateral movement of ransomware, safeguarding your critical case files and data whether stored on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Always Up to Date: Consistent security updates and patches ensure effortless yet secure file sharing for law firms, protecting against the latest vulnerabilities without any IT overhead. MyWorkDrive software is updated regularly ready to be patched alongside your Windows Update patch policies.

File Sharing for Law Firms: Trust and Experience

MyWorkDrive is the trusted partner for secure remote file access, editing, collaboration, and sharing for numerous law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies worldwide. Our solution meets the legal industry’s strictest security mandates without inhibiting productivity.

Empower your attorneys and legal teams with MyWorkDrive’s robust secure file access platform tailored for law firms. Send documents to your clients with just a few clicks. Request a demo today to learn more about enhancing your security posture, ensuring compliance, and improving collaboration.


What is the best file share access software for law firms?

MyWorkDrive is the leading secure remote file access platform tailored for the legal sector, offering advanced security controls, compliance capabilities, public file sharing, and seamless collaboration tools.

What is MyWorkDrive private cloud?

MyWorkDrive offers a private cloud storage and collaboration software solution that allows organizations to securely store and share files within their own infrastructure. It provides cloud-like capabilities while keeping data on-premises or in a private cloud environment under an organization’s control.

How does MyWorkDrive ensure data security and compliance for law firms?

MyWorkDrive deploys robust security controls and governance capabilities to keep sensitive client data secure within the firm’s own environment, meeting strict regulations like HIPAA and GDPR. It includes features like data leak prevention, multi-factor authentication, and detailed logging to maintain compliance.

How does MyWorkDrive facilitate file sharing and collaboration for dispersed legal teams?

MyWorkDrive enables seamless file sharing and real-time co-editing of documents, with an intuitive interface and secure access from any location and device. Attorneys can easily share files by sending clickable links via email, chat, etc.

How does MyWorkDrive protect law firms against modern threats like ransomware?

MyWorkDrive’s secure remote access architecture prevents local caching of files, creating an air gap against ransomware. It also provides end-to-end encryption and rapid threat containment to safeguard critical case files.