Securely replace Windows FTP Servers with MyWorkDrive Web File Manager while increasing security and ease of remote access

Issues with Windows FTP

FTP continues to be a primary access method for enabling remote access, fast file transfers and public sharing. Unfortunately, the options for Windows FTP server security are a choice between best practices and ease of use. It’s easy to configure methods that provide fast access using traditional FTP Server access such as the built-in Windows FTP Server service however security is poor and the user must install and learn how to use FTP client software. Although great for fast transfers, by default all FTP network communications are in clear text – including passwords. Solving this issue involves adding TLS SSL certificates to the server through the use of 3rd party software. Unfortunately, since browser clients do not support secured FTP communications IT must also manage the additional support burden of assisting users with the installation, configuration, and training of secure FTP client software.

How Can MyWorkDrive Help?

MyWorkDrive replaces Windows FTP Server with our cloud add-on server module for Windows File Servers. All network communications occur over https using SSL certificates instead of FTP. From a support perspective, IT simply makes our Web Browser site available to users for easy Web File Access with no software to be installed or configured – reducing the related support costs around FTP. The MyWorkDrive web file manager client is engineered to handle unlimited file sizes through our chunked upload capabilities. With MyWorkDrive a traditional File Server is immediately converted into a secure replacement for FTP Servers while giving Enterprises the best of both worlds – a local based secure ftp alternative and an easy to use Web File Manager browser client loaded with the additional Cloud Services users have come to expect. Enterprises can additionally enable two factor authentication through our integration for even great security – something not available when utilizing Windows FTP Servers and FTP client software.

MyWorkDrive Benefits

Enterprises can deploy our server software to enable secure online cloud file access and transfers without FTP security risks or support costs including:

  • Browser Based File Web Manager from Anywhere instead of FTP Clients with nothing to install
  • Online Collaboration in Office 365 keeps files stored on the File Server
  • Edit documents using full local office keeps files stored on the File Server
  • Secure Mobile Client Access (iPad, iPhone & Android)
  • Secure Internal File Sharing Links
  • External Public File Sharing using OneDrive limits internal server exposure
  • DUO Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

How Does it Work?

The System Administrator simply installs MyWorkDrive on a standard Windows Server joined to a Windows Active Directory Domain. MyWorkDrive connects to the existing Active Directory database out of the box. The Systems Administrator then logs in as a domain administrator and enables existing Windows File Shares to be made available within MyWorkDrive. Existing NTFS Permissions, Users and Groups are inherited – reducing administration and duplicate effort. Once the file server shares are published, an https secured website (instead of FTP) is then made accessible to users turning a traditional windows file server into a robust secure Web File Manager portal accessible from anywhere. All files remain on the Windows File Server – nothing is stored on MyWorkDrive Servers, even when editing documents online in Office 365.

Business Benefits of MyWorkDrive Windows FTP Server Replacement

  • Eliminate overhead and support issues of VPN, FTP servers, and FTP Clients
  • Reduce data leakage by keeping files stored on local servers – even when opened in Office 365
  • Access files remotely using any web browser, iPad, iPhone, Android, or any other device
  • Enabled Two Factor Authentication for additional Security beyond simple passwords or FTP
  • Collaborate with business partners by leveraging OneDrive Licensing for Public File Sharing
  • No external public users to maintain like in traditional FTP Servers
  • Reduce support costs by leveraging Existing File Permissions, Users & Groups
  • Monitor file usage with real-time access logging
  • Ensure data security by retaining control of data access, storage & backup retention

MyWorkDrive is written with the Enterprise Windows Systems Administrator in mind – everything is Windows Based, utilizes IIS Web Server and is written in .net. Our solution is designed and engineered by San Francisco based engineers with over 25 years of real-world Windows File Server Remote Access, FTP and SSL VPN systems administration experience.

Daniel, Founder of, has worked in various technology management roles serving enterprises, government and education in the San Francisco bay area since 1992. Daniel is certified in Microsoft Technologies and writes about information technology, security and strategy and has been awarded US Patent #9985930 in Remote Access Networking