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MyWorkDrive Performance and Availability Monitoring Guide

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IIS Monitoring

MyWorkDrive runs as standard IIS Web sites and can be monitored accordingly. The main client site should be monitored for performance: Wanpath.WebClient site in IIS.

System/Process Counters

CPU%: You should monitor the overall server and CPU usage for your IIS Worker Process. You should ensure that the value never exceeds 80% for more than 5 minutes, as it will result in slow response times.

Memory: The currently used and available memory for the ISS Worker Process should be monitored. Make sure that 50% of the memory are available to keep the system healthy.

IIS Performance Counters

Web Service (Bytes Received/Sec and Bytes Sent/Sec): You should monitor bytes received and sent per second. It will help you to detect the possible web traffic spikes and excessive usage.

Web Service (Current Connections): There is no specific normal value for current connections. You have to specify it with respect to your experience using MyWorkDrive, and build a baseline.


App Pools

Monitor IIS App Pools to ensure operational:







Monitor Windows Services to ensure operational:


MyWorkDrive Service

MyWorkDrive Active Directory Service

World Wide Web Publishing Service

Argo Tunnel Agent (if Office 365 editing is enabled)


IIS Sites: Port Monitoring

WanPath.WcfService – TCP Port 8356

WanPath.WebClient – TCP Port 8357 & 443 (Assuming your server is bound to your own host name and SSL Certificate)

WanPath.AdminDashboard – TCP Port 8358