MyWorkDrive Partner Program

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  • Licensing Discounts
  • Bundle with your Monthly Server Management for additional Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • White Label Branding with your company logo
  • Rapid and Easy Deployment: Simply enable our cloud connector on your server to provide secure access in minutes
  • Lower your support costs; no VPN/Sync clients to maintain
  • Priority Partner Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make money as an MSP?

There are multiple ways to make recurring revenue with MyWorkDrive – by packaging MyWorkDrive with server maintenance, hosting and by marking up and reselling the software subscriptions.

How do I manage multiple clients? Is there a single admin portal?

Partner licensing subscriptions allow you to install MyWorkDrive on all of your customers using a subscription key for each customer.    Approved Partners get access to our partner portal where they can access software downloads, subscriptions and license keys.

Can I brand this with my own logo or my client’s?

Absolutely! MyWorkDrive allows you to set your company logo and Name in the settings control panel and use your own domain name.

Is this offer available Worldwide?

Yes, the offer is available worldwide, but application support is available in English-only.