Share File Server over the internet

Share internal file servers over the Internet with a web browser interface, mapped network drive and mobile client while enabling Office Online collaboration at the same time.

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Share files and Folders using existing File Servers over the Internet

MyWorkDrive makes it easy to collaborate on files and folders internally with team members, all through our easy to use mobile, desktop and web browser interface that users find simple to use. By connecting MyWorkDrive to existing Active Directory and file servers in the enterprise MyWorkDrive acts as a gateway to remote access file servers over the internet.

Share file server over the internet

Share file server over the internet

Help your remote workers be more productive.

You may have a remote workforce now working from home. Those employees may be working on multiple devices and from home networks that are not connected to the Office or Internal Network Device management systems. Your employees need a file sharing solution that connects to your on-premise file servers while enabling file collaboration from all over the Internet.

Share File Servers Online

MyWorkDrive allows enterprises who already have existing infrastructure with Windows File Servers and Active Directory to share file servers over the internet without migrating their data to cloud storage or other on-premise sync and share systems. For enterprises who wish to migrate their files to cloud based infrastructure it’s a simple matter or placing files and active directory into the cloud. Since NTFS Permissions and Active Directory are maintained there is no vendor lock-in that would be required with a typical cloud storage provider. Users can then connect to the company files servers over the internet and access existing and new features:

  • Mapped Network Drive
  • Office Online Editing
  • Active Directory Integrated
  • File Locking across cloud and on-premises
  • Single Sign-on/SAML/ADFS
  • Eliminate VPN
  • Mobile Client & Browser Access

Solve Pain Points of Sharing File Servers on the Internet

Currently Enterprises have a limited number of options when looking to allow remote workers to access their File Servers over the internet – either support VPN or migrate their files to a cloud storage sync/share vendor.

The problem with VPN is it opens up the internal network for lateral network access and requires considerable support resources to support remote workers. Migrating to a cloud storage vendor such as Box/Dropbox, OneDrive, Google etc, requires significant planning and resources, retraining of Mobile workers and can lead to the company being locked into a specific vendor indefinitely.

With MyWorkDrive enterprises have an alternative where they can provide remote access to file servers over the internet but also provide collaboration in Office Online, Mobile Access, and Easy to user Web Browser interface and Mapped Network Drive experience without migrating files, supporting VPN or being locked into any vendor long term.

Share File Server over the internet

Configure Shares

Remote File Access

How it Works

Share File Server over the Internet

MyWorkDrive File Server Sharing Setup

Simply install MyWorkDrive server on a Windows Server in your Active Directory, point to your File Server Shares and publish it to the internet using our Cloudflare integration or your own host name.

Active Directory security and NTFS permission models are integrated so users in groups are automatically maintained. Once MyWorkDrive is setup, set it and forget it as new users will automatically be read from Active Directory as they are added and removed with no additional administration.

Cloudify Existing File Servers

Add Cloud File Server and Office Online collaboration features while maintaining complete control or wherever your files are stored in standard NTFS format.

Remote File Server Access

With MyWorkDrive, Share File Server shares to the internet for remote access, file sharing and collaboration without VPN. Employees will continue to use a familiar mapped network drive and in addition to using web browsers and mobile applications to access internal file servers with no retraining required.

Web File Access

Access your files remotely using any web browser with our Web File Manager. Our Web File Manager displays a web view of files and folders with full edit, sharing with the features users need with nothing to install. Learn more..

Mapped Drive

Connect to your files online using our MyWorkDrive Mapped Network Drive Client which allows users to securely map a drive to their work files from anywhere without VPN.

Mobile Sharing

MyWorkDrive leverages cloud collaboration to provide secure mobile file sharing from a web browser or mobile application.

Share File Server over the internet