File Sharing for Government

As more governmental employees worked remotely in response to the spread of COVID-19, file sharing solutions help them to stay connected and productive. Governments has continued to adjust to remote work which will continue indefinitely. MyWorkDrive is a secure file sharing remote access solution allowing governmental organizations to securely access on-premise windows file shares using just a Web Browser, Desktop or Mobile client without migrating to cloud storage or impacting data sovereignty.

Secure Remote File Access

MyWorkDrive provides the necessary safeguards to help government agencies meet their security requirements for secure file sharing remote access without migrating files to the cloud or exposing their files using VPN. MyWorkDrive gives your government agency secure file share remote access using your on-premise Windows File Shares & Active Directory infrastructure. Users are able to remotely edit and share files simply and securely. No Vendor lock-in, No syncing and prevent Ransomware without migrating files the cloud or new systems.


Achieving HIPAA, FNRA, FIPS, FEDRAMP, GDPR, and CaCPA2018 compliance is critical for today’s cloud connected remote workforce when accessing file shares. Governments and public sector agencies are secure using MyWorkDrive Remote File Access Mapped Drive, Web Browser, or Mobile clients anytime from anywhere. With MyWorkDrive, governments have access to enhanced security and Data Leak Prevention features without having to maintain VPNs or migrate their file shares to the cloud.

Data Leak Prevention

Using MyWorkDrive’s Data Leak Prevention feature enables secure remote file share access for Governments while remaining compliant with various data security regulations such as FIPS, MyWorkDrive ensures sensitive files remains on location, are never synced or migrated to any device and access is only allowed through a secure tunnel in our encrypted viewer with watermarks to prevent printing and copying of screen viewing.

Easy Deployment without Migrating Files

Government agencies can deploy MyWorkDrive infrastructure on-premise as 100% private cloud to meet their security requirements or as a hybrid cloud. In private cloud mode all files, transmissions and document edits are contained within the government agency’s infrastructure including support for a Local Office Online Server or SharePoint Online under their own control. When deployed as a hybrid cloud, Office documents can be viewed and edited in Office 365 online in Microsoft’s FEDRAMP compliant Office 365 editors securely with a direct secure tunnel between the agency and Microsoft while keeping files saved to the government agencies private storage.

MyWorkDrive has worked hard perfecting our product offering to meet stringent government data security standards and regulations. MyWorkDrive is pleased to offer their Public Sector customers the ability to subscribe to our MyWorkDrive Secure File Share Remote Access software to solve security concerns around VPN while providing the collaboration features employees need to be productive.

US Federal Government GSA Approved

For US Federal Government Agencies, As MyWorkDrive’s public sector distributor, Vertosoft provides government end users access to MyWorkDrive software through Government Purchasing vehicles such as GSA IT-70 and NASA SWEP. Vertosoft is focused on delivering innovative technologies and services to public sector agencies in support of agency IT modernization efforts. They bring a deep knowledge and unmatched expertise supporting all phases of the government acquisition life cycle to federal, state, and local governments through the adoption of both cloud and emerging technology solutions.

About MyWorkDrive

MyWorkDrive provides a software-only, on-premise data center solution for secure private cloud remote file sharing access from anywhere for any device. Users gain access in minutes without Sync, VPN, RDP or migrating data. MyWorkDrive is for IT leaders looking for a cloud-like file sharing solution that has ransomware protection & DLP, facilitates data governance compliance (FIPS, HIPAA, FINRA, GDPR), enhances Office 365 real-time online collaboration, with a lower total cost of ownership.

MyWorkDrive is redefining Government File Sharing and Content Collaboration for critical sectors including Healthcare, Education, Government, and Financial institutions. MyWorkDrive employs the 5 C’s of success as an alternative to standard file share cloud services: Compliance, Control, lower Cost of Ownership, Cloud Capabilities, and instant Collaboration.