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Syncing Files & Folders Offline

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Syncing Overview

Syncing is a complex problem and resource intensive process. We have engineered MyWorkDrive with multiple access methods (Web, Mobile, Mapped Drive) to reduce the need for offline sync. If you must setup offline sync (typically for larger and design files), we recommend only syncing a small subset of your shared folders and ensuring you have regular backups to prevent data loss from inadvertently overwriting or deleting files. Each vendor has their own settings for determining when to automatically or manually sync changes, new files or deletions and for keeping versions of file changes. Some customers have had success using our Windows Mapped Drive client to sync copies of their files from their MyWorkDrive server to a local folder. We also support downloading files to OneDrive through our Web File Manager client.

Syncing Files & Folders for Offline Access

We recommend the following applications for syncing files and folders for offline access:

Allway Sync




Once you are logged in you can sync files and folders. Setup the folders you wish to sync from the server to your local PC and if desired schedule events or time based automatic updating.