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Windows Client Release Notes

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Release notes: Windows Mapped Drive Client

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-33

– Fixed a bug in installer

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-32

– Improved logging in RDS/VDI enviornments
– Fixed a bug in saving PDFs from Word with Acrobat Reader as the default viewer

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-31

– Improved Directory Listing Performance
– Added version number to registry
– Added support for ADFS Logoff
– Fixed a bug overwriting existing files
– Fixed a bug saving PDFs from Office
– Improved support for installation in RDS/VDI enviornments
– Added binding of login session ID to share path
– Additional logging for RDS/VDI Enfiornments

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-25
– Fixed a bug in the installer when base system language/culture is not English

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-24
– Enhancement, If server requires HTTPS, change entered login url to HTTPS when HTTP is entered
– Enhancement, If user enters any subfolders on the login url, they are automatically removed

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-23
– Fixed a bug related to opening files in Office Online

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-22
– Fixed a bug related to drive letter mapping load time
– Fixed a bug related to share mounting via SSO
– Renewed code signing certificate

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-20
– Fixed a bug related to editing PDFs with Adobe Acrobat

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-19
– Fixed a bug related to drag and drop from Outlook
– Fixed a bug related to Windows 10 compression and Zip files

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-18
Production Release

-Fixed a bug which occured when saving PDFs and a session times out or logoff is required.
-Fixed a bug related to creating shortcuts

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-17 Preview
-Fixed a bug in the share internal link when using the browser

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-16 Preview
-Improved the link generated by the share internal via email link

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-15 Preview
-Fixed a bug in opening in Office Online when Office 2010 is installed

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-14 Preview
-Signifigant Upload speed Improvements

Mapper Client version 5-4-2-13 Preview
-Improvements to command line options for resetting paramters on re-install

5-4-2 Preview

New Features
Support for OpenOffice / LibreOffice File types, locking and operations on Microsoft Office documents

Fixes and Improvements
Improved file operations for .XLS, .DOC (office 97) files – Saving, Locking.
Improved messaging when user attempts to open an office file which is already open via SMB.
Improved messaging when user attempts to write to read-only folders
Improved messaging when user uploads a file and results in path being too deep
Improved detail logging
Optimized login speed when using AzureAD SSO
Improved messaging when MyWorkDrive server is not available and map at startup is enabled
Fixed error when deleting PDFs
Fixed errors when double clicking the login button
Fixed deleting jpg files and thumbs.db exceptions
Fixed saving images from Microsoft Photos app
Fixed drive label when variable name used in share path
Fixed a bug where user login credentials where cached and remember me was not checked.
Fixed command line switches when used in certain order/combination


Mapper Client version

Fixed a bug where user login credentials where cached and remember me was not checked.

Mapper Client version

Fix command line switches when used in certain order/combination

Mapper Client version

Fix displaying proper read only locks when opening office 97 file if already open via SMB

Mapper Client version

Fix opening PDF causes locked file after close using adobe acrobat
Fix Save PDF using Adobe PDF reader logs off mapped drive when SAML is used
Fix Save PDF using Adobe PDF reader removes file when SAML is used on overwrite

Mapper Client Version 5.4.2

Improvement of MyWorkDrive Client Download Manager function to be less sensitive to Read File function error. If an error occurs due to multiple parallel calls that the server can’t process immediately, the Download Manager will pause download for 250ms, then will try again (total number of retries is 3).

Mapper Client version 5.4.1

-Production Release

Mapper Client version

– Create JSON File of mount points for 3rd party access

Mapper Client version

-Hide command line we windows

Mapper Client version

-Fix Hang when drive letter already exists and no prompt-change wording

Mapper Client version

Fix Hang when drive letter already exists and no prompt
Improve/Refactor MWD Client start up code

Mapper Client version

Mark tmp files as hidden during office file save to prevent user tampering
Fix hang when mapped drive letter already exists and no prompt

Mapper Client version

Update Allow administrator to set lower file size limit for mapped drive

Mapper Client version

Improve validation on URL field
If server is 5.4 do not display warning when using (100 MB file limit applies)

Mapper Client version 5-4-0- Preview

Improved Disk size and free space reporting on shares
Changed UNC path to match server when share is root (not subfolder) and using multiple map drive feature
Improved download performance substantially
Improved file locking for office documents greater than 10Mb
Added new option to share internal using new UNC Path (when available)
Added new option to share via Email
Added a new MSI Installer option
Added new driver prerequisite checks on install and launch

Fixed a bug related to connecting to older MyWorkDrive server versions
Fixed a bug related to mapping a drive already in use
Fixed a bug related to using subfolders as shares
Fixed a login bug for SSO users resulting in a script error
Fixed a bug related to preserving settings during upgrade and reboot

- Older Versions

Mapper Client version

Add step after clicking exiting from context menu to confirm dismount drives & exit

Mapper Client version

Fixed bug preventing changes to case of file or folder name
Improved handling of attempts to load client multiple times on startup

Mapper Client version 5.3.2
– General improvements to error messages in Map Drive client.
– Fixed a bug causing a crash during session expiration.
– Fixed a bug in map drive installer when map drive was currently runing
– Added command line option to capture detail logging on map drive startup
– Improved handling of startup crashes on map drive client.
– Update to session persistence for user/pass logins to better adhere to session expiration and server setting changes
– Improved session re authentication for ADFS/SSO logins when session interrupted or expired
– Fixed a bug related to file locking on delete in the map drive client
– Fixed a bug with server assigned map drive letters
– Fixed a bug when map at startup runs but server is unavailable or URL has changed.
– Fixed a bug where session expires on computer resume when network or server not available.
– Fixed a bug in saved username/password on computer resume from sleep
– Fixed a bug in client attribution in logs for macOS map drive client

Mapper Client version

– Fix for session expires when resumed and network not available

Mapper Client version

– Fix for multiple drive letter / drive letter not unique

Mapper Client version

– Fix for crash on startup

Mapper Client version

– Update to Refreshing settings on login
– Fix for opening document in Office Online by default

Mapper Client version

– Fix to uninstalling MyWorkDrive Mapped Drive Client

Mapper Client version

– Update to SSO/SAML Status after sleep

Mapper Client version 5.3.1 (Production Release)

– Changed session restoration after server update
– Fixed refresh server settings on Login
– Fixed opening local files in office Online
– Updated the Uninstaller
– Fixed illegal characters in file stream name prevents uploading file to mapped drive
– Fixed mapped drive letter not remembered on restart
– Fixed case where security products block write to App Folder
– Fixed cannotdelete a subkey tree on LogOff/Exit

Mapper Client version (5.3 Preview Release)

-Fixed an error with when an invalid URL is used
-Improved notifications – no longer using Windows System Notifications
-Added support for Multiple Map Drive drive letters
-Added command like option during setup to open documents in office online
-Added login URL to logging for map drive client
-Fixed a bug in the login button text for SSO logins
-Fixed a bug causing folders to be displayed empty
-Added a note to setup to remind user to set Anti Virus exclusions for network shares.
-Improved logoff handling of drives.
-Fixed an error creating a shortcut on mapped drives
-Improved handling of deep paths and long file names
-Improved handling of file locking for office documents
-Updating naming to better support multiple map drives
-Clear Server session immediately after exit or logoff of Windows client
-Fixed a bug when dragging and dropping files.
-Fixed a bug where downloading directly to a mapped drive from a browser crashed
-Mark additional file types as offline to prevent downloading previews
-Fix Logoff Balloon doesn’t automatically clear

Mapper Client version 5.2.3

-Improved handling of deep paths and long file names
-Improved handling of file locking for office documents

Mapper Client version

-Improve feedback messaging when path too deep on server

Mapper Client version

– Fix ADFS login failures
– Enable -m setup command line to function with SSO Logins
– Change connect button for 5.2/5.3 to make usage more obvious

Mapper Client version

-Suppress password warning message when SAML/SSO login is enabled
-Enable -m setup command line to function with SSO Logins

Mapper Client version

-Fix -y silent extraction command line function

Mapper Client version

-Fix command line option -X (close mapped drive client)
-Fix clean up orphaned drive letters on logout

Mapper Client version

– Fix Mapped Drive client not displaying all login messages
– Fix Display message on SSO login window while SSO options are loading

Mapper Client

– New command line options for unattended setup
– Revised login process to ease use of SAML logins
– Improved login/logout performance
– Improved handling of custom branding
– Improved logging of client logins
– Fixed issue with Chinese Language file and folder names
– Improved error messages reported to users

– Fixed .NET font issue on older versions of .NET


Mapper Client Version

-Fix command line option: -u current not working with -q quiet

Mapper Client Version 5.1 production release

-Add command line support for mapping the drive using saved credentials -r option.

Mapper Client Version preview

-Fix issues with network switching errors

Mapper Client Version preview

-Improved speed and efficiency with new download manager

-Add multi-threaded download and chunk size customization

-After first login or during scripted install pull company logo

-exe files marked as offline to improve directory listing speeds

-Add support for custom or system variables -u %variable% option

Mapper Client version

– Add support and warnings for Whitelist/Blocklist option for file opening file types
– Add support for editing documents online from mapped drive
– Add Prompt user to login if use current credential chosen when opening Office Online files with Mapped Drive
– Add support for opening Office files in Office online directly from the mapped drive client
– Add support for file Association for Office types using Mapped Drive Client as default application for opening documents online
– Add support for uninstalling Mapped Drive client to remove Office file associations
– Add support for restoring file associations if checkbox is left unchecked during re-install of Mapped Drive Client
– Add support for disabling password saving
– Add Menu options when mapped drive application clicked and already mapped to display menu

– Fix When connecting to older MWD Servers passwords may not be saved
– Fix Slowness opening file explorer if recent enabled
– Fix Menu options when mapped drive application clicked and already mapped
– Fix Slowness opening file explorer if recent enabled – clear recent files
– Fix Upgrade from previous version doesn’t transfer settings
– Add Add command line option to gracefully exit and dismount drive silently -X
– Fix Remove “user current credential” from GUI
– Fix Not able to create new folder when WhiteList option is enabled
– Fix Folder permissions allow user to try to create a file or folder
– Set Windows File Explorer to hide frequently used files and folders to prevent slowness accessing drive and add option to Mapped Drive Client settings

Mapper Client Version

– Allow set default URL, Username, Drive Letter, Remember and Map at startup option during scripted deployment
– Convert share names to Upper Case First Letter, then lower case
– Notify user if password will expire starting at 14 days
– Notify user that password has expired as reason they can’t login – only for login with credentials
– Fix for Mapped Drive won’t launch as non-admin for user using command line 1st time
– Fix for Mapped drive no longer displays mapped drive when MWD mapped drive clicked
– Update Error message if server can’t be reached
– Fix for when incorrect credentials are used wrong message box is displayed in the client
– Fix for Out of licenses displays “unknown username or password” on mapped drive client
– Fix Object reference not set to an instance of an object when DUO is enabled
– Fix for SessionID expired after login
– Fix for Wrong error message for no shares defined when user current credential used to login

Mapper Client Version

– Option to add MyWorkDrive shortcut to explorer menu moved to Advanced Settings: Default(disabled) to prevent slowness on systems connected to slow networks
– Mapped Drive will report minimum MWD Server required to user:
– Fixes shortcut not visible in save as menus office 2016 64 bit when enabled under advanced settings
– Added support for Mapped drive usage on shared Terminal Server/RDS environments

– Drive mapping name shorted and changed for easier user access

Mapper Client version
– Fixed uploading files when Alternate Data Stream information attached to files (internet zone identifier, dropbox information).
– Display error when attempting to delete a file in read-only share using mapped drive client
– Improved speed of “remember me” and “map on start up” processing
– Removed option to map drive letters A-C
– Added Mapped Drive to Windows Start Menu when drive mapped for easier user access

– Adjust login screen for mapped drive – remove “cloud drive”
– Fix issues with copying file with alternate data stream info
– Provide better feedback when 255 Character path limit reached
– Add Warning when creating a folder in r/o share using mapped drive
– Provide better feedback when attempting to delete a file in read-only share using mapped drive client
– Fix file already exists, when a file with long file name is uploaded.
– Handle exception thrown by the API when path is longer than 255 characters in MWD Client


– Setup Error running setup on upgrade if already running and new setup runas another user
– Cannot install updates when MWD desktop client is already running
– Help, About, Version pop up box not centered

Version 4.0

-Update cache to fix open recent file issue – if file/directory information isn’t available in cache then application pulls it from MWD server and updates cache
-Update to force Microsoft Office to show message that file is locked for editing by another user (docx, xlsx, pptx)

-Fixed issues displaying files when share name has space (for example: Server Share): Note adding share names with a space is no longer allowed in version 4

-Changed Name of program file directory to MappedDriveClient.Windows.Desktop for branding.

Version 3.0.0
– Fixed issue when logging in with same username/password but different domain
– Speed & Performance Enhancements

– Added DUO Two Factor Authentication

Version 3.1.0

– Speed enhancements

– Checking “Map at Startup” will automatically check “Automatically Run when I log on to Windows”
– Login button in mapper client is now default button (pressing enter will call Login button)
– Fix for authentication module
– DUO authentication change, samAccountName is always used to authenticate against DUO
– Fixed issue with “Use my current credentials” login when domain name and user’s UPN suffix don’t match

Version 3.1.3

– Fixed issue when user cannot launch Mapper Client after install as non-admin

– Fixed issue with auto launch on startup on Windows 10

Version 3.2.0
– Fixed issue with Lower/Upper case letters when starting with parameters
– Added SSL Certificate Error Message
– Added Warning message for using (relay)

Version 3.2.03

-fixed share name with a space (for example: Server Share)

-fixed issue writing files to folder with a “+” character in folder name

-added support for random file writes with Adobe Acrobat