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Windows Client Release Notes

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Release notes: Windows Mapped Drive Client

Mapper Client 6-0-1-8
– Updated version number syntax stored in registry
– Enable OS version support to fix a limitation of 3rd party Duo integrations

Mapper Client 6-0-1-6
– Improve support for Excel Macros

Mapper Client 6-0-1-5
Production release of 6.0 map drive client.
– Improve Bulk Upload for large file sets
– Improve support for pre-auth with SSO providers

Mapper Client 6-0-1-3 preview
– Improve messaging when session times out and re-login is required
– Improve messaging when session times out while browsing directories with large file counts

Mapper Client 6-0-1-1 preview
– Improve performance and feedback when browsing directories with large file counts

Mapper Client 6-0-1-0 preview
– Revised version numbering sequence

Mapper Client 6-0-0-36 preview
– Improved the user experience for large directory listings on slower internet connections. Still an open task and known issue.
– Fixed a bug in scripted installs when the user closes the window on first run without completing setup.
– Fixed a bug that resulted in a Windows error when the application was closed.

*** Known Issues: Large directories may time out before being displayed on slower internet connections resulting in the display of a “network offline” message.

Mapper Client 6-0-0-35 preview
– Fixed a bug in the installer which caused existing files not to be updated on upgrade.

Mapper Client 6-0-0-34 preview
– Fixed a bug when creating new Office documents via Right Click | “New Document”

Mapper Client 6-0-0-33 preview
– Added additional logging for cases where files are not displayed in folder
– Improved user experience when network temporarily unavailable

Mapper Client 6-0-0-32 preview
– Fixed a bug which occasionally resulted in files not being displayed in folder.

Mapper Client 6-0-0-30 preview
– Improved handling of file lock release on file exit

Mapper Client 6-0-0-29 preview
– Fixed a bug which occasionally resulted in small files saving corrupt when uploaded via Drag n Drop
– Fixed a bug where exit from the menu did not exit correctly

Mapper Client 6-0-0-27 preview
– Fixed a bug in Block/Allow list when using client selected drive letters
– Fixed a bug where users did not receive notification a file was ready to edit when the file was locked by another user and they took the “notify me” option.

Mapper Client 6-0-0-26 preview
– Fixed a bug related to .lnk shortcuts
– Fixed a bug with folder refresh resulting in some files and subfolders not appearing in list
– Fixed a file system message that appeared when a connection with the server was lost mid-session.
– Fixed a bug in the MSI Installer (see known issues)
– Fixed a bug related to read only folders
– Fixed a bug with Excel files created on shares
– Fixed a bug saving PDF files when usi