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Windows Client Release Notes

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Release notes: Windows Mapped Drive Client


Mapper Client version

Add step after clicking exiting from context menu to confirm dismount drives & exit

Mapper Client version

Fixed bug preventing changes to case of file or folder name
Improved handling of attempts to load client multiple times on startup

Mapper Client version 5.3.2
– General improvements to error messages in Map Drive client.
– Fixed a bug causing a crash during session expiration.
– Fixed a bug in map drive installer when map drive was currently runing
– Added command line option to capture detail logging on map drive startup
– Improved handling of startup crashes on map drive client.
– Update to session persistence for user/pass logins to better adhere to session expiration and server setting changes
– Improved session re authentication for ADFS/SSO logins when session interrupted or expired
– Fixed a bug related to file locking on delete in the map drive client
– Fixed a bug with server assigned map drive letters
– Fixed a bug when map at startup runs but server is unavailable or URL has changed.
– Fixed a bug where session expires on computer resume when network or server not available.
– Fixed a bug in saved username/password on computer resume from sleep
– Fixed a bug in client attribution in logs for macOS map drive client

Mapper Client version

– Fix for session expires when resumed and network not available

Mapper Client version

– Fix for multiple drive letter / drive letter not unique

Mapper Client version

– Fix for crash on startup

Mapper Client version

– Update to Refreshing settings on login
– Fix for opening document in Office Online by default

Mapper Client version

– Fix to uninstalling MyWorkDrive Mapped Drive Client

Mapper Client version

– Update to SSO/SAML Status after sleep

Mapper Client version 5.3.1 (Production Release)

– Changed session restoration after server update
– Fixed refresh server settings on Login
– Fixed opening local files in office Online
– Updated the Uninstaller
– Fixed illegal characters in file stream name prevents uploading file to mapped drive
– Fixed mapped drive letter not remembered on restart
– Fixed case where security products block write to App Folder
– Fixed cannotdelete a subkey tree on LogOff/Exit

Mapper Client version (5.3 Preview Release)

-Fixed an error with when an invalid URL is used
-Improved notifications – no longer using Windows System Notifications
-Added support for Multiple Map Drive drive letters
-Added command like option during setup to open documents in office online
-Added login URL to logging for map drive client
-Fixed a bug in the login button text for SSO logins
-Fixed a bug causing folders to be displayed empty
-Added a note to setup to remind user to set Anti Virus exclusions for network shares.
-Improved logoff handling of drives.
-Fixed an error creating a shortcut on mapped drives
-Improved handling of deep paths and long file names
-Improved handling of file locking for office documents
-Updating naming to better support multiple map drives
-Clear Server session immediately after exit or logoff of Windows client
-Fixed a bug when dragging and dropping files.
-Fixed a bug where downloading directly to a mapped drive from a browser crashed
-Mark additional file types as offline to prevent downloading previews
-Fix Logoff Balloon doesn’t automatically clear

Mapper Client version 5.2.3

-Improved handling of deep paths and long file names
-Improved handling of file locking for office documents

Mapper Client version

-Improve feedback messaging when path too deep on server

Mapper Client version

– Fix ADFS login failures
– Enable -m setup command line to function with SSO Logins
– Change connect button for 5.2/5.3 to make usage more obvious

Mapper Client version

-Suppress password warning message when SAML/SSO login is enabled
-Enable -m setup command line to function with SSO Logins

Mapper Client version

-Fix -y silent extraction command line function

Mapper Client version

-Fix command line option -X (close mapped drive client)
-Fix clean up orphaned drive letters on logout

Mapper Client version

– Fix Mapped Drive client not displaying all login messages
– Fix Display message on SSO login window while SSO options are loading

Mapper Client

– New command line options for unattended setup
– Revised login process to ease use of SAML logins
– Improved login/logout performance
– Improved handling of custom branding
– Improved logging of client logins
– Fixed issue with Chinese Language file and folder names
– Improved error messages reported to users

– Fixed .NET font issue on older versions of .NET


Mapper Client Version

-Fix command line option: -u current not working with -q quiet

Mapper Client Version 5.1 production release

-Add command line support for mapping the drive using saved credentials -r option.

Mapper Client Version preview

-Fix issues with network switching errors

Mapper Client Version preview

-Improved speed and efficiency with new download manager

-Add multi-threaded download and chunk size customization

-After first login or during scripted install pull company logo

-exe files marked as offline to improve directory listing speeds

-Add support for custom or system variables -u %variable% option

Mapper Client version

– Add support and warnings for Whitelist/Blocklist option for file opening file types
– Add support for editing documents online from mapped drive
– Add Prompt user to login if use current credential chosen when opening Office Online files with Mapped Drive
– Add support for opening Office files in Office online directly from the mapped drive client
– Add support for file Association for Office types using Mapped Drive Client as default application for opening documents online
– Add support for uninstalling Mapped Drive client to remove Office file associations
– Add support for restoring file associations if checkbox is left unchecked during re-install of Mapped Drive Client
– Add support for disabling password saving
– Add Menu options when mapped drive application clicked and already mapped to display menu

– Fix When connecting to older MWD Servers passwords may not be saved
– Fix Slowness opening file explorer if recent enabled
– Fix Menu options when mapped drive application clicked and already mapped
– Fix Slowness opening file explorer if recent enabled – clear recent files
– Fix Upgrade from previous version doesn’t transfer settings
– Add Add command line option to gracefully exit and dismount drive silently -X
– Fix Remove “user current credential” from GUI
– Fix Not able to create new folder when WhiteList option is enabled
– Fix Folder permissions allow user to try to create a file or folder
– Set Windows File Explorer to hide frequently used files and folders to prevent slowness accessing drive and add option to Mapped Drive Client settings

Mapper Client Version

– Allow set default URL, Username, Drive Letter, Remember and Map at startup option during scripted deployment
– Convert share names to Upper Case First Letter, then lower case
– Notify user if password will expire starting at 14 days
– Notify user that password has expired as reason they can’t login – only for login with credentials
– Fix for Mapped Drive won’t launch as non-admin for user using command line 1st time
– Fix for Mapped drive no longer displays mapped drive when MWD mapped drive clicked
– Update Error message if server can’t be reached
– Fix for when incorrect credentials are used wrong message box is displayed in the client
– Fix for Out of licenses displays “unknown username or password” on mapped drive client
– Fix Object reference not set to an instance of an object when DUO is enabled
– Fix for SessionID expired after login
– Fix for Wrong error message for no shares defined when user current credential used to login

Mapper Client Version

– Option to add MyWorkDrive shortcut to explorer menu moved to Advanced Settings: Default(disabled) to prevent slowness on systems connected to slow networks
– Mapped Drive will report minimum MWD Server required to user:
– Fixes shortcut not visible in save as menus office 2016 64 bit when enabled under advanced settings
– Added support for Mapped drive usage on shared Terminal Server/RDS environments

– Drive mapping name shorted and changed for easier user access

Mapper Client version
– Fixed uploading files when Alternate Data Stream information attached to files (internet zone identifier, dropbox information).
– Display error when attempting to delete a file in read-only share using mapped drive client
– Improved speed of “remember me” and “map on start up” processing
– Removed option to map drive letters A-C
– Added Mapped Drive to Windows Start Menu when drive mapped for easier user access

– Adjust login screen for mapped drive – remove “cloud drive”
– Fix issues with copying file with alternate data stream info
– Provide better feedback when 255 Character path limit reached
– Add Warning when creating a folder in r/o share using mapped drive
– Provide better feedback when attempting to delete a file in read-only share using mapped drive client
– Fix file already exists, when a file with long file name is uploaded.
– Handle exception thrown by the API when path is longer than 255 characters in MWD Client


– Setup Error running setup on upgrade if already running and new setup runas another user
– Cannot install updates when MWD desktop client is already running
– Help, About, Version pop up box not centered

Version 4.0

-Update cache to fix open recent file issue – if file/directory information isn’t available in cache then application pulls it from MWD server and updates cache
-Update to force Microsoft Office to show message that file is locked for editing by another user (docx, xlsx, pptx)

-Fixed issues displaying files when share name has space (for example: Server Share): Note adding share names with a space is no longer allowed in version 4

-Changed Name of program file directory to MappedDriveClient.Windows.Desktop for branding.

Version 3.0.0
– Fixed issue when logging in with same username/password but different domain
– Speed & Performance Enhancements

– Added DUO Two Factor Authentication

Version 3.1.0

– Speed enhancements

– Checking “Map at Startup” will automatically check “Automatically Run when I log on to Windows”
– Login button in mapper client is now default button (pressing enter will call Login button)
– Fix for authentication module
– DUO authentication change, samAccountName is always used to authenticate against DUO
– Fixed issue with “Use my current credentials” login when domain name and user’s UPN suffix don’t match

Version 3.1.3

– Fixed issue when user cannot launch Mapper Client after install as non-admin

– Fixed issue with auto launch on startup on Windows 10

Version 3.2.0
– Fixed issue with Lower/Upper case letters when starting with parameters
– Added SSL Certificate Error Message
– Added Warning message for using (relay)

Version 3.2.03

-fixed share name with a space (for example: Server Share)

-fixed issue writing files to folder with a “+” character in folder name

-added support for random file writes with Adobe Acrobat