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File Share Testing Tool

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File Share Testing Tool

MyWorkDrive has a built in testing tool to let you test whether a user has access to a share or file.  The tool will report success or failure and give details to guide in resolving the issue. This will show if any permission issues are preventing a user access to a share, folder or file.  This is another good test to run if a user reports they cannot open any files in a particular share or folder.

The test tool is available in server version 5.4.1 and later.

On the Shares tab in the Admin panel, select the share you wish to test (just click on the share name so the row is highlighted) and then click Test in row above.

On the test screen, you can enter a specific folder or even a specific file if you wish. Or just test the root of the share.  The highlighted subfolder/file is optional.  If a user reports not getting a share when logging in, leave that blank.