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Clustering & Load Balancing MyWorkDrive Servers

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MyWorkDrive supports clustering for enterprise licensees above 200 users that wish to run multiple MyWorkDrive servers with fail-over or load balancing.   There are some important steps to ensure proper identification by the MyWorkDrive systems to support multiple license activation and to ensure uniqueness with our Office 365 editing features.

  •  Each server must have it’s own unique device id as assigned by our software upon installation – do not clone the MyWorkDrive Servers.  Setup each server separately, then install MyWorkDrive on each.   They will then each be assigned a unique device id.
  • Contact [email protected] to allow additional servers to be activated with your MyWorkDrive License key.  You can then input the same key into your MyWorkDrive Servers however the cumulative usage across both servers must not exceed your subscription license count.
  • Use the sticky session feature (also known as session affinity), which enables the load balancer to bind a user’s session to a specific instance and for persistence use client Source IP Address.
  • Enable Favorites: By enabling favorites users will see a new option in the web file manager browser client to create and delete favorites to folder paths.  By default favorites are saved to the local MWD Server.  In clustered environments favorites may also be saved to a shared hidden share on the network for example \\\favorites$ (each MyWorkDrive server computer account will need NTFS permissions to create and modify favorites in this hidden file share).
  • Server Configurations: You may use the backup configuration under settings to backup your configuration on your primary server in the admin panel.  To restore it use the restore settings feature on the destination server.   This will restore settings such as file shares and configuration options without overwriting unique server device id’s on the destination server.

Sample Kemp Load Balancer with settings tested and approved by MyWorkDrive Support with Source IP Address Persistence

Create VIP Service in Kemp

  • Set VIP Lan IP Address
  • Install SSL Certificate
  • Persistence Options: Source IP Address
  • Enable SSL Acceleration and Enable Reencrypt
  • Add Backend MyWorkDrive Real Server Lan IP’s

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