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General WebDAV Settings

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MyWorkDrive optionally allows WebDAV connections and is compatible with most WebDAV capable software products assuming they are following the WebDAV protocol standards (MyWorkDrive publishes our own Mobile and Desktop Apps as well so the network administrator may wish to disable WebDAV in the MWD admin panel).

WebDAV is not required for MyWorkDrive clients.

WebDAV optionally allows you to connect MyWorkDrive to other software solutions including PDF Expert, Numbers, WinSCP and many others.

To connect to your MyWorkDrive server over WebDAV, the general settings for all programs are the URL/Address enter the address provided for your MyWorkDrive web connector when you signed up (Typically or your own site if you’re self-hosted and using your own domain name and SSL Certificate – for example:

If you would like to map to a specific share instead of the root of your WebDAV site append the share name you created after /dav for example: /dav/shared

Click Connect using your credentials. Enter the username and password that you use to login to your Windows Domain.