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Mapped Drive Desktop Client

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The Mapped Drive Desktop Client allows easy editing of files from a traditional mapped drive from within applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat remotely from anywhere.  Opening and editing design files, databases, programs and very large files is not supported.


Direct MyWorkDrive Server Connection e.g.;

(Using the Cloud Connector Relay is NOT supported for the mapped drive client)

Download Version 5.3.2 Windows Mapped Drive Client

Download 5.3.1 Windows Mapped Drive Client (Prior version)


Windows Prerequisites

MyWorkDrive Server 4.0 or higher (Server 5.2 for full functionality), Windows 8-10


Download Version 5 Mac Mapped Drive Client (Current version)

Download Version 5.2 Mac Mapped Drive Client (Preview version)

Mac Prerequisites

MyWorkDrive Server 5.0 or higher (Server 5.2 for compatibility with all current features)

macOS 10.11 El Capitan or higher

FUSE for macOS framework (OSXFuse): Download it here

Note that macOS 14.x requires FUSE for macOS version 3.8.3



Download and complete setup.  If needed setup will install .net 4.5.1 ( Windows 7 PC’s ).


Download zip, extract and complete setup.  Launch MyWorkDrive from Finder – Applications.


Begin login by typing your MyWorkDrive web address, then click connect:

Then, depending on the options set by your systems administrator login using your Active Directory username/password or Single Sign On provider (for example Office Online, Okta, Onelogin, etc).

Optional:  Click “Remember Me” to save your username and password and “Map at Startup” to map your MyWorkDrive on system restart.

Mapped Drive Usage

Once Logged you will see the mapped drive in file explorer: Optionally right mouse click on the new mapped drive and choose “pin to quick access” for ease of use:

Open documents and files such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint directly from the drive.  Be sure to save any changes frequently and before shutting down your PC or network connection.

Logoff: Locate the MWD icon in the lower right side system tray, right mouse click and choose log off (this will clear your saved password) or exit to simply disconnect the drive.

Settings:  Optionally adjust settings as directed by your IT Administrator:

Advanced Settings: Optionally adjust settings as directed by your IT Administrator:

Security Settings:

With the Mac and Windows Mapped Drive there are a number of settings that may be set by the system administrator.  Please note the following optional limitation warnings may be displayed as determined by your network administrator:

  • Maximum File Size:  The system administrator may limit the maximum file sizes allowed to be uploaded or downloaded
  • File Types:  The system administrator may block file extensions to keep your network safe from Viruses and prevent unsupported files types from being opened remotely
  • Password Saving Disabled:  Your system administrator may prevent password saving to comply with security policies and requirements

Windows Setup:

Launch setup:

Accept the license Agreement and optionally enable Mapped Drive to open Office files in Office Online*

Installation is completed:

Once completed launch the MyWorkDrive Icon found on the desktop ( or on a mac in finder under the applications)

local file office 365 online

*On Windows PC’s without Microsoft Office installed locally, you may wish to select the option to open Office Files (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in Office Online through your web browser instead of locally installed office.   To edit documents you will need to login to Office 365.   If your server is version 5 or higher you will be logged into your server automatically on older servers you will be prompted to confirm your password.

Once installed, Office files will show up in the mapped drive with the familiar office icons.  Double-click an office file to open it in your web browser (Chrome Browser preferred).

Uninstall or reinstall the Mapped Drive client without the Open Office files in Office online option unchecked to remove this feature.

Mapped Drive Administrator Guide

The mapped drive client administrator guide is located here.