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Office 365 Online Editing

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MyWorkDrive Server supports online editing of documents in Office 365 Online and Local Office Online Servers.

MyWorkDrive is the only solution that allows users to edit Office Documents in Office 365 Online or Microsoft Office Mobile Apps, but keep them stored and saved back automatically to on-premise file servers.   No customer files are ever stored or migrated off of customers servers.

Note: An Office 365 Business account is required to edit Office documents online in real-time (View capability does not require an Office 365 Business Account).

Office 365 Relay

To utilize MyWorkDrive’s secure relay infrastructure to view and edit documents in Office 365 online, Enable Office 365 Editing in the MyWorkDrive Server Admin Site on your MyWorkDrive Server:

Our office online uses Cloudflare to create a secure tunnel using Cloudflare Argo.  Please note Cloudflare Argo requires outbound TCP port 7844 from your server to Cloudflare IP’s.  Input the email address you wish to be notified on when the tunnel is live, then click enable and save.  Within a few minutes you will be notified that Office 365 Online edi