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Office 365 Online Editing

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MyWorkDrive Server supports online editing of documents in Office 365 Online and Local Office Online Servers.

MyWorkDrive is the only solution that allows users to edit Office Documents in Office 365 Online or Microsoft Office Mobile Apps, but keep them stored and saved back automatically to on-premise file servers.   No customer files are ever stored or migrated off of customers servers.

Note: An Office 365 Business account is required to edit Office documents online in real-time (View capability does not require an Office 365 Business Account).

Office 365 Relay

To utilize MyWorkDrive’s secure relay infrastructure to view and edit documents in Office 365 online, Enable Office 365 Editing in the MyWorkDrive Server Admin Site on your MyWorkDrive Server:

Our office online uses Cloudflare to create a secure tunnel using Cloudflare Argo.  Please note Cloudflare Argo requires outbound TCP port 7844 from your server to Cloudflare IP’s.  Input the email address you wish to be notified on when the tunnel is live, then click enable and save.  Within a few minutes you will be notified that Office 365 Online editing is operational   Review the support article here to troubleshoot any Office 365 or cloud connector relay issues.

Local Office Online Server

MyWorkDrive also supports pointing to a local Office Online Server.  To use a local office online server, deploy a server using Microsoft’s deployment guide located here  Once your office online local server is completed and made available on the internet using an SSL Certificate, Host Name and available over port 443, simply point the admin interface to your local Office Online Server URL:

Email Domain Website Lookup

Optionally provide your email domain and MyWorkDrive Server URL if you wish to allow users to login using MyWorkDrive Apps on  with only their email address – they will not need to type in your company server URL – it will be looked up for them.

If the user is not already logged into Office 365 in the browser, they will be prompted to login to a Microsoft Office 365 Work Account prior to editing the file.

Usage Notes

All changes are saved back to the local MyWorkDrive server continuously – there is no Save button.

To co-edit a file, multiple users can open the file in Office 365 Online using the browser or via our “Share” option through a link. Note: All users must have rights to the file internally, this does not provide public access.

Important Note:  Microsoft limits file sizes for excel documents see their article here for more details:  Excel online limits

Security & Deployment Options

Enabling Office 365 Online Editing creates a secure encrypted tunnel from your server through our MyWorkDrive network infrastructure using our Patented Cloud Connector to make customer files available securely to Microsoft Office 365 for editing and co-editing documents through one of our locked down partner domains with Microsoft.

Security notes: MyWorkDrive software does not store any files. All files remain on premise on your own servers and all authentication is done locally by your own active directory. Our staff has no access to any logins, back-doors or authentication mechanism’s to your MyWorkDrive server or files. If you do choose to enable our Office Online Edit feature or Cloud Connector relays (optional on your part) then and only then will any data traverse our network which is in an encrypted TLS 1.2 data stream. Access to this data is locked down to Microsoft Office 365 hosts and is available only during that Office file edit session.  Any files edited in Office 365 are stored in temporary memory on Microsoft’s servers and are removed when file editing is complete. Microsoft requires we track summary statistical data on percentage and numbers of documents opened in Office 365.  All summary reporting data is aggregated across all MyWorkDrive customers and contains no client detail data.  Again, this is optional, relates to Office 365 Document editing only and is turned off by default.  With the exception of caching (discussed below), it is reasonable to say that customer content only lives on Office Online servers during a user session.  That is, a user can reasonably expect that when they end an editing session, their content will no longer live anywhere on Microsoft’s Office Online servers once it has been saved to the customers MyWorkDrive server.  The key exception here is the encrypted Office Online viewing cache. For additional information please see the following Microsoft Office Online Considerations for security and privacy article.

Secure Direct Connection: For enterprise customers who do not wish to deploy their own Office Online Server and who exceed 1000 users, MyWorkDrive can optionally issue a private SSL certificate and assist customers in setting up a direct connection from their MyWorkDrive servers to Microsoft Office 365 with they own host name under one of our locked down domains.  When choosing this option all secure communication is between the customer and Microsoft Office 365 only (no files traverse MyWorkDrive’s encrypted network).   Contact Sales for additional information on this option.