Enterprise File Sharing

enterprise file sharing

Alternative File Sharing For Enterprise

MyWorkDrive is redefining enterprise file sharing remote access for Windows File Shares.

With MyWorkDrive, migrating to file sync-and-share systems is not needed; nor are outsourced cloud services.  MyWorkDrive uses your cloud and your private data center as its collaboration hub.  With a simple set up, you are securely connected with a mapped tool that also works across all iOS and Mac platforms.  MyWorkDrive is a private cloud enterprise file sharing solution that allow users to instantly connect and edit files online without having to first migrate or sync data.

The latest reports from Forrester Wave Research on “enterprise file sync-and-share” (EFSS) platforms confirm that by providing a viable, stable, and secure alternative, MyWorkDrive is poised to capture market share from powerful players like Google, Citrix, Dropbox, and Egnyte.

What is “Enterprise File Sharing”

Referencing the highly respected Forrester report, a recent post in StorageNewsletter differentiates Enterprise File Sharing providers by the following key criteria:

  • Improved business agility
  • Lower aggregate costs
  • Fast and simple implementation
  • Ease of collaboration
  • Simplicity of maintenance
  • Strong user support (especially mobile and remote)

When Surveyed, 74% of global senior technology executives plan to implement, upgrade, or expand file share solutions to reduce risks associated with sensitive data.  Current file storage platforms are burdensome, expensive, and have significant hardware and mobile-device support requirements.  Thus, many enterprises are moving towards cloud platforms for sync-and-share file sharing to increase productivity and reduce costs…but cloud platforms require migration of data, extra maintenance and their own security mechanisms that carry significant viral and malware infections risks, as we all have recently witnessed with massive data breaches across all sectors.

Enterprise File Sharing Remote Access Suitable for All Sectors

From the financial sector to government to education and beyond, enterprises require a viable and secure solution that will enable their users to stay connected, stay secure, and stay productive on a global scale.  MyWorkDrive is that solution.

Furthermore, with file sharing compliance requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA and FEDRAMP  files must remains secure and under the control of Enterprises.   Enterprise file sharing regulation mandate that all customer/user data must be highly secure.   It is imperative that enterprises factor in security and compliance security standards as part of any enterprise file sharing remote access strategy.   MyWorkDrive  is the answer.

MyWorkDrive enables enterprises file sharing across the global marketplace providing access  file file sharing securely, instantly, and remotely on virtually any device or platform.  With MyWorkDrive enterprises simply connect a private virtual server to existing enterprise file shares without the need to migrate data to new systems, re-create backups or change workflows.  VPN and file sync and share systems are eliminated.  User’s simply connect to an easy web file manager portal to access files from anywhere.  Where needed users may also utilize our mobile and map drive clients.   For additional security and ease of integration enable Two Factor Authentication or SAML Single Sign On in minutes for a truly secure enterprise file sharing system.