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Licensing Status Unknown, Unlicensed or License Exceeded

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License status: Unknown, unable to pull your license, system downgraded to demonstration mode or DeviceId Empty or User receive and error that license has been exceeded when there should be plenty of licenses available.

Please check the “MyWorkDrive Service” in services.msc. If the server was just restarted please retry in a few minutes as the MyWorkDrive service is set to start “Automatic Delayed Start” which will only start 2 minutes after all other automatic services have started. This is to prevent timeouts on slow servers.

Check to ensure no firewalls are blocking our license service – see our Firewall Settings Article.

This message may also display briefly on a server just after restart – it will clear in a few minutes.

Resolution: Manually start or restart service, wait for service to start after server reboot.

Unlicensed: License may become unlicensed due to restoring the MyWorkDrive server from backup or a virtual machine snapshot.

Resolution: Manually re-input the license key into the MyWorkDrive Server under Settings – License, Click Apply (This will reactivate the license).