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macOS Client Release Notes

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macOS Map Drive Version 6-1-0-448 Preview Release
***Not Suitable for production use. Use in a test/QA environment only.***

New Features
Support for Macs using the new Apple M1 processor. It is critical that you review our instruction guide for information about enabling macFuse on Macs with the new M1 processor prior to attempting install.
Open in Office online option.

Improved server url field validation
Improved user experience when an invalid server URL is entered.
Updates to support macFuse version 4 file system extension


macOS Map Drive Version 6-0-0-451
-Update to support Fuse 4.x
-Add ability to open in Office Online for users who do not have OFfice installed locall
-Fix for temporary files left on shares after file editing in Preview
-Improved server URL field valication
-Improved user experience when an invalid server URL is entered

macOS Map Drive Version 6-0-0-439
Production Release
-Improvements to Block List, Allow List are case sensitive
-Revisions to threading in bulk upload to improve reliability
-Additional messages and logging around file errors/completion in Bulk Uploader
-Refinement to file size limit adherence in bulk uploader
-Improvements to the accuracy of the progress bar and a file count in bulk uploader

macOS Map Drive Version 6-0-0-436 preview
-Fixed bugs in bulk uploader related to multi-threading and subfolders.
-Added replacement text for block file items
-Fixed bugs in Block/Allow list related to case/syntax
-Fixed a bug in allow list related to office temp files
-Fixed a bug related to saving Excel documents greater than 15mb
-Fixed a bug related to saving small files.
-Fixed a bug related to Duo logins

macOS Map Drive Version 6-0-preview Preview Release

New features
Add Favorite for MyWorkDrive in Finder Locations
Notarized Installer (improves install experience on Catalina)
Share Internal
Block/Allow List
Added support for SSO Logoff (when supported by idp)
Added upload/download thread settings
Added upload/download buffer size settings

Fixes and Improvements
Improve directory browsing speed
Fixed a bug with Duo prompting on login
Underlying code improvements to improve performance and stability.
Removed limitation on Cloud Web Connector domains.
Fixed an issue with uploading large files.
Fixed an issue with Remember me.


macOS Map Drive Version

-Added lock refresh feature for open documents
-Fixed a bug with file lock release on program exit (when documents are not closed)
-Add prohibition for invalid characters in file/folder names
-Fixed a bug related to opening files with non alpha numeric characters
-Removed feature which showed file lock in finder due to incompatibilties with different versions of macOS

macOS Map Drive Version

– Fixed a bug related to folder creation/renaming