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Mac Client Release Notes

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Release Notes: Mac Map Drive Version

– Improved handling of file locking for office documents
– Fixed a bug in messages regarding password saving
– Added handling for custom logos
– Added check for minimum Fuse version to setup
– General performance improvements


Release Notes: Mac Map Drive Version

– Added support for SSO Logins with ADFS/SAML.
– Added server logging to note Mac client, version and accessed URL
– Added a prompt to note OSX Fuse is required during install
– Improved login experience including remember me and saving of server address / username and password and URL checking
– Improved login performance
– Improved display of system messages about file size, password saving and blocked shares
– Corrected error message about server address and SSL/TLS warning messages.
– Corrected an issue with Duo and Dongle code entry

Release notes: Mac Preview Version 5


-Fixed directory issue

-Hide file extensions excluded from admin panel (Whitelist/Blocklist)


-Fix user logging on multiple time throws error

-Updated to support disabling password saving

Release notes: Mac

Version 1.1.248

-Fix user logging on multiple time throws error

Version 1.1.246

-Updated minimum version check

Version 1.1.242

– fix log off issues to completely clear connection when switching between servers
– remove duplicate pop up notification on file size limits
– Notify user that password has expired as reason they can’t login
– Allow administrator to put default settings config xml file in users documents folder specifying server URL, username and startup options
– Add feedback on sign-in to inform user system is processing while waiting to sign-in.

Version 1.1.236

-Fixed issues connecting to older 4.0 MyWorkDrive servers

-Added feedback while waiting for login to complete

Version 1.1.222

-Fixed issue with parsing date/time stamps for files/folders not displaying mac drive client

Version 1.1.213

-Fixed issues relating to run at startup/saving credentials

Version 1.1.2

-Added feedback when path limits reached on saving files

-Support for MWD Server 4.0.1 or higher

Version 1.1

-Added Support for Server Version 4.0.1 and higher

Version 1.0