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Windows File Server Search

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MyWorkDrive integrates with the the Windows Search Service to allow users to search for files and content in the MyWorkDrive Web Browser Client.

Due to Windows limitations, Windows Search integration is only appropriate for up to 2 TB maximum.  3rd Party search integration for larger file servers or farms  is available using the dtsearch Setup GuideBefore enabling the Windows search option ensure your MyWorkDrive server has sufficient memory, disk space and processing capacity (allocate at least 8 GB ram and 2 virtual CPU’s for virtual machines).

When the Windows Search Service is enabled on both the MyWorkDrive server, and all file servers and indexing is complete, search will show as “enabled” for each folder provisioned in MyWorkDrive.  Note for large file servers it may take several hours for the Windows Search Service to complete it’s index after which search will be enabled in MyWorkDrive.

To install the Windows Search Service, enable the feature using server manager on all of the files servers you wish to index and the MyWorkDrive server:

After installing the search service, update the “indexing options” in the server control panel on the server hosting the shared files to include them in the index:

Once the indexing is complete, the indexing option in MyWorkDrive will show as enabled when editing each share in the Admin panel: Note for large file servers this may take several hours.


Adjust the timeout for broad searches under advanced settings in the MyWorkDrive Admin portal on your MyWorkDrive server.