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MyWorkDrive Cloudflare® Tunneling Integration

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Our MyWorkDrive File Remote Access Server web portal can be easily integrated with Cloudflare® Argo services to automatically provide a secure web address without exposing the MyWorkDrive server to the internet or provisioning security appliances.  The public Internet does its best to deliver your content — but it can’t account for network congestion, leading to slow load times and a degraded end-user experience.  By simply enabling Cloudflare Argo to proxy DNS name resolution for a host, real-time network congestion and routing  of web traffic across the fastest and most reliable network paths is automatic.  On average, web sites perform 30% faster.   Optionally customers may also utilize Argo Tunneling to reverse proxy traffic through an Argo tunnel agent. While large enterprise customers may wish to use their own direct connection (with their own hostname/SSL Certificate) and manage their own Office Online server, by utilizing our integration with Cloudflare’s Argo and tunnel service the same or better network speeds, security and compliance objectives can be more easily achieved by companies of any size.