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Health Dashboard

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MyWorkDrive server version 6.3 introduces the Health dashboard to Server Administration.

The new Health dashboard will provide feedback on critical services, memory and server readiness with repair recommendations and automated fix tools. The Health dashboard will aid you in ensuring your MyWorkDrive server is performing optimally by periodically testing the components that make up the MyWorkDrive solution – including the host server, Active Directory and file shares.

Use these results proactively to resolve issues before they happen, and use the Health dashboard as your first stop when trouble arises to rule out easy to fix common causes.


Each tile in the Health dashboard includes information as well as charts and reports to aid in troubleshooting and repair.


To access the Health dashboard, login to your MyWorkDrive server and click on the Health Dashboard tab.


Note any items that report warnings or errors in red. Click for details on links like Show History, Show Details and See More to get additional information about the problem.


In some cases, showing details will include buttons which will allow you to fix the issue on the spot.

The Health dashboard can also be used to troubleshoot past or intermittent issues as well, showing you past outages for services in the graphs. Wondering why a user couldn’t edit a document last week? In this case, Office Online was not available.

Need help resolving an issue reported on the Health dashboard? Our support team can be reached anytime by submitting a ticket here, or emailing