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Support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

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MyWorkDrive is compatible with Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Active Directory

OCI does not provide a hosted Active Directory solution, so an AD environment would need to be spun up if one does not already exist. Oracle provides instructions here for that process.


MyWorkDrive would be installed on an instance in your OCI environment. To configure an instance in Oracle is very well documented by Oracle. Their documentation is available here.

File Shares

Oracle offers File Systems that can be configured to be mounted to an instance. Once mounted to the MyWorkDrive Instance, they could be configured as shares and used through MyWorkDrive.
File shares can also be deployed on a VM using traditional Windows file shares.


Note: Oracle’s eSSO can also be leveraged as an Single Sign-On Provider for MyWorkDrive. It uses SAML which MyWorkDrive also supports.