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Email Domain Website Lookup Setup

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The Email Domain Website Lookup feature provides an easy way for Mobile Client (iOS, Android) users to “lookup” their MyWorkDrive server address using their email. It saves them from needing to know/remember the server address. All they have to do is enter their email.

Client Experience

On the client, the first screen, the user is prompted for their email or username.
Of course, they can just enter their username “jane” and proceed, entering their server address manually.

But if they enter their email “”, and the administrator has configured the Email Domain Website Lookup feature, then on the second screen the client will auto populate the server address.


This feature works with user/pass or SSO logins, so on the 3rd screen the user will either be prompted for their password OR prompted to login with SSO.


To enable this feature, login to the MyWorkDrive admin panel on your MyWorkDrive server.
From the settings menu, scroll down to the Email Domain Website Lookup item.

Click the Add Button.

in the Domain field, fill out the domain name in the user’s email.
In my example, “”
And in the URL field, fill out the public URL of your MyWorkDrive server. This could be an address using our Cloud Web Connector, a Direct Connection on your own host name or the address of a load balancer or proxy server. Its what you would tell the user to go to in order to access MyWorkDrive. IE, what users enter on the webclient or map drive clients.

In my case, it is Make sure you enter the fully qualified domain name including https. Please do not enter any subdirectories on the URL (if you copy and paste from the web client you will get subdirectories /login, for example.)

Scroll to the top or the bottom of the page and click save.
The Email Domain Website Lookup feature is now enabled for your users to use with iOS/Android clients.

If you’re concerned about users entering their username instead of their email and want to ensure they enter their email and the server address is looked up, you can set the “Require Email Username Format” option, also on the settings page of Admin, to Enabled. This will prompt the user for their Email on sign in on all clients.

The Email Domain Website Lookup feature is only available on iOS/Android clients and has not been added to Web or Map drive clients.