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Manually Adding a place in iOS (Detailed)

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Microsoft frequently updates the mobile office applications, so the screen grabs and locations may vary over time.

This is not a required step.  The first time you open an office document, you will be stepped through this process.   However you may want/need to do it manually or may want to be familiar with the steps prior to going through it.

Also, please note that this process does not work if you are using/requiring an SSO login, it only works with traditional user/pass login.  There is an option to permit User/Pass logins on Mobile to facilitate document editing in MyWorkDrive admin settings.


Open One of the Office Applications on your iOS device, in this case we opened Word.

Select the folder icon to open a file.


From the window which opens, select Add a Place.


From the list of available places, find and select MyWorkDrive.


Enter your Username or Email



Enter your Server Address if it is not pre-populated for you.




Enter your Password


You’re now setup with a Place in Microsoft office connected to your MyWorkDrive account.  Now when you select the blue folder icon you’ll be presented MyWorkDrive as an option and can directly browser your shares.



You’ll also be able to go directly into Office files when you open them in MyWorkDrive with an Office application.