The cloud connector enables client’s MyWorkDrive Servers to be reached from the internet without installing a local SSL Certificate, creating a host name or opening any inbound firewall ports through Cloudflare’s Argo tunnel service.

These same relays are also used to enable Office 365 document editing online through our Microsoft Cloud Storage Provider partnership. The cloud connector or Office 365 Editing can be enabled independently but they both use the Cloudflare Argo tunnel reverse proxy system.

Each server connects to our back end through the “Argo Tunnel” service. This service must be running to allow connectivity for end users through our relay service. Our service is designed to monitor connectivity, log any errors and automatically reconnect as needed should there any loss of connectivity. All errors are logged under C:\wanpath\wanpath.data\logs\cloudflared


Step 1: Ensure your MWD server license is valid and licensed – this feature requires a licence or active trial – you can confirm your license in Settings on the Admin Panel. Make sure the “MyWorkDrive Service” is running in services.msc

Step 2: Ensure the local site is running by connecting to If there are any issues check and restart IIS services as needed or run “IISreset” from the command line. If the site still does not open after running IISreset, open sites in IIS Manager, browse to Wanpath.webclient site. Check to see if site is not started. If not, check bindings on the webclient site. Make sure other sites – such as default website do have have conflicting bindings. Typically this would be port 80. Remove port 80 from the Web Client site or from default website is not used there. Then start the WebClient site. This should fix the issue.

Step 3: Ensure the Cloudflare “Argo tunnel agent” service is up and running – start or restart as needed – this will only start if Office 365 editing or cloud connector is enabled on the MWD admin panel

Step 4: Review the cloud connector status on the admin panel – login to the admin panel at Click the settings tab, under Cloud web Connector click Refresh – note any change in status

Other items to review:

If Office Online shows as up, but Edit in Office Online is not available in the web client, and you have DLP enabled, check that Office Online Edit has been enabled on the shares. If you have DLP enabled without Office Online, that setting will be disabled when Office Online is enabled. See Granular Permission settings on Shares for details on updating share permissions.

Review the server system and application logs for errors – check for any server or service shutdowns.

Review the LAN interface card settings on the server – ensure sleep is disabled on the card.

Review your ISP connectivity – check for any outage in your area

Review Antivirus software – ensure any antivirus software is not blocking our service. Review our Antivirus Settings Article.

Review and Firewalls and ensure outbound ports are not blocking Cloudflare Argo tunnel communications on ports: 443, 7844

Test communications on port 7844 outbound to Cloudflare Argo tunnel service:

Launch powershell on the MyWorkDrive server and type the following command to test connecting on TCP port 7844 one of the Cloudflare IP’s:

test-netconnection -computername -port 7844

The results should come back like below with TcpTestSucceded:True:

ComputerName :
RemoteAddress :
RemotePort : 7844
InterfaceAlias : Lan
SourceAddress :
TcpTestSucceeded : True

If TcPTestSucceded returns false a firewall or antivirus is blocking TCP port 7844 outbound from the MyWorkDrive server and needs to be investigated.

See our firewall settings article for full details.

Open a support ticket

Send us your log files: From the MyWorkDrive Control Panel icon on the server desktop, click “Collect” to send us your system logs. Email support@wanpath.com to report the issue and include your Device ID ( from the Control Panel ) and other details on the issue.