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OneDrive Prompts for Need Admin Approval when sharing externally

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When attempting to share files externally using OneDrive, user may be prompted with the following message:

Option 1

Ensure settings in your Office 365 Online account are set to allow users to grant applications permissions:  Login to, update settings to allow integrated apps: go to services and add-ins, integrated accounts, make sure “Let people in your organization decide whether third-party apps can access their office 365 information” is turned “On”

Option 2

Alternatively grant MyWorkDrive OneDrive permissions on behalf of your organization.

  1. Login to your MyWorkDrive Web Client Site from a browser in-private or incognito.
  2. Select a file and choose “Share –> External – OneDrive”
  3. Login to Office Online using an account with Admin Access.
  4. Consent on behalf of your organization to allow MyWorkDrive Access: