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Delegation Setup for ADFS/SAML, File and DFS Servers in Active Directory

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This article describes the Delegation Setup steps for ADFS/SAML to function properly with any back-end File and DFS Servers in Active Directory.  The complete ADFS setup article is located here.

When shares are located on a different server from the MyWorkDrive Server (MWD), will be reached through DFS or users will be authenticated using ADFS, to properly pass user tokens to back end file shares it is required that the MyWorkDrive Server trust any ADFS, File and DFS Servers for delegation.

Configure Active Directory Delegation on the MyWorkDrive Server computer object to add any File Servers, DFS Servers and ADFS servers in your organization.

– From a Domain Controller – Server Manager – Tools – Active Directory Users and Computers – Computers – {select computer where MWD is installed} – Properties
– Delegation – Trust this computer for delegation to specified services only – Use any authentication protocol – Add – Users or Computers – {select computer(s) that contains required network shares and computer(s) with DFS role installed} – OK
– Available services – select cifs – OK

Example of configuration to allow MWD to trust delegation through File-Server1 and DFS-Server1:
–    MWD installed on computer MYWORKDRIVE-SERVER1
–    Network File Share Server: FILE-SERVER1

–    DFS Server: DFS-SERVER1