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Server Release Notes

-Improve handling of orphan owner/lock temp files on smb shares. Files are now proactively removed when encountered

-Removed display of zip options for files and folders in WebClient when timeout set to 0
-Improved messaging when changing primary cluster member

-Fixed a bug when using duo with open in local office application from the webclient

MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-1 Production Release
-Updated version to 6.2.1.x
-Improved handling of primary server migration in Clustering
-Improved handling of devices configuration files on upgrade from 6.1.1
-Improved performance of group resolution from AD during user login
-Additional refinement to server side improvements for client file saving

MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-0-130 Preview
-Fixed an error displayed when downloading as Zip exceeded timeout setting
-Improved user group lookup when using nested groups
-Fixed a bug which failed to display a warning when selecting Cloud Web Connector hostnames which are already in use

MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-0-127 Preview
-Improved flexibility to manage group lookup on AD options

MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-0-126 Preview
-Fixed a bug in the web client which caused branding color changes not to be applied.
-Fixed a bug in improvement to date retention when copying files to a share on the map drive client.
-Additional refinement to server side improvements for client file saving

MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-0-122 Preview
-Fixed a login bug when disabling the mobile client on server settings.
-Additional refinement to server side improvements for client file saving
-Fixed a bug in licensing when access to MyWorkDrive licensing service is disrupted
-Fixed a bug where granular permissions did not correctly manage shares available in iOS Files
-Improved logging of activities on mobile web client
-Fixed a bug where granular permissions were applied to create DLP shares when DLP was disabled.
-Fixed a number of bugs related to DLP shares on the mobile web client
-Fixed a bug which caused duplicate user sessions across clients to be handled incorrectly.

MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-0-115 Preview
-Fixed a bug related upgrading secondary cluster members
-Fixed a bug related to unique fields on cluster members and preservation on upgrade/removal from cluster
-Fixed a bug related to concurrent sessions on different clients
-Improved mangement of file locks when sessions expire
-Moved Duo from Enterprise to Settings tab in server Admin
-Improved cluster information display on cluster tab
-Improved detection of existing cluster servers when joining cluster
-Fixed a bug in Device Approval related to creating new devices on server reports
-Added server side improvements for client file saving
-Improved delegation detection and requirement handling in share management in server admin when delegation is required (delegation testing)
-Improved management of cloudflare tunnels for Office Online and Cloud Web Connector
-Improved support for editing files in local app from the web client with Duo required when hosting the web client on an alternate TCP port.

MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-0-105 Preview
-Add deviceid and approval status to user event logging
-Fixed a bug with single logout on ADFS
-Fixed a bug when co-editing and lock management when using a cluster
-Improved removal of temp files on shares when file saving fails due to file integrity check

MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-0-101 Preview
-Updates to improve management of cluster config files
-Fixed a bug in map drive client timeout using ADFS
-Improved suppression of map drive file size limit warnings
-Warn if a reboot is present due to pending updates prior to install
-Fixed a bug in logoff in the Web Client
-Improved performance renaming files
-Improved file handling when an office file is open and a user session times out
-Fixed a bug deleting devices in new device approval feature

MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-0-94 Preview
-Fixed a bug in iOS files provider with DLP/Restricted shares.
-Made 6.2 clients a hard requirement when enabling Device Approval
-Menu updates – order of items, move DUO to standard page, features available by license type
-Improved handling of Device Approval in Clustering environments

MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-0-89 Preview
-Enhancement to Device Approval to permit users/groups to be pre-approved for logins (approval not required)
-Menu update

MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-0-87 Preview
-Fixed a bug in Office Online editing with OneDrive
-Improved file handling when renaming files

Initial Preview Release
MyWorkDrive-Setup-6-2-0-85 Preview
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