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Server Release Notes


-resolve shortcuts that resolve to non-network paths as blank


– Prevent upgrade portbridge warning if already 5.4 server


Fix – Download as Zip Files timeout


Fix – do not import license lease when using import settings function

– Fixed a bug related to settings import for server restore/replication

Fix – Shares not shown when logging in via ADFS/SAML in rare circumstances

Implement new code signing certificate

-Bug fix for server does not display shares when timestamp is not available

-Bug fix for invalid characters in admin password

-Bug fix for sharing violations in office documents

-Improvement to import of settings fails with access to path denied

-Hardening of settings and license file to prevent overwriting and unlicensing event
-License file access fix to address file permission/access errors.

-Additional improvements to share admin to handle share setup of bad paths and variables.
-Fix handling of settings import when access to path is denied

-Additional improvement to web client handling when shares are offline

-Additional improvement to web client handling when shares are offline

-Save a copy feature in Webclient

-Improvements to share admin to handle share setup of bad paths and variables.

-Add setting for server admin timeout

-Additional improvement to web client handling when shares are offline

-Option to disable reminder in WebClient that DLP is enabled

-Improve web client handling when shares are offline

-Share import feature

-Bug fix for logging download events

-Bug fix for licensing key issue

-Improved logging for file download events

-Fixed a bug related to license refresh

-Fixed a bug related to DLLs on new installs on server 2019

-Added handling for new Okta SSO login procedure

Production Release

-Fixed a bug related to user logins using Map Drvie and Mobile Clients
-Fixed a bug related to drive letter mapping for the map drive client

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-4-2-22 Preview
-Additional enhancments to results on tests for file shares

5-4-2 Preview

New Features
-New Testing tools on Shares to troubleshoot user NTFS permission issues
-Support for OpenOffice/LibreOffice document types via the map drive
-Added quiet mode to Server installer /q after backing up wanpathxmlinput.xml file

Fixes and Improvements
-Improved LDAP Queries
-Improved handling of files greater than 3gb
-Improved folder deleting when users have logged in via SSO
-Improved messaging when user opens a file to edit which is already open via SMB
-Fixed setup wizard error when Cloud Web Connector is skipped
-Fixed issue saving PowerPoint presentations when logged in via SSO
-Fixed a bug which resulted in server becoming unlicensed



– Update to MyWorkDrive server to improve user experience when file share host is slow or unavailable.
– Fix for local office editing from the web client when cloud web connector is enabled.


Fix – Can’t open or download office file if already open via SMB using traditional mapped drive, display read only locked message


Fix  – Wizard errors if no Cloud Web Connector site created


– Cloudflare service won’t start if disabled then enabled – set to manual if not enabled


Fix opening PDF causes locked file after close using adobe acrobat using mapped drive client
Fix Save PDF using Adobe PDF reader logs off mapped drive when SAML is used
Fix Save PDF using Adobe PDF reader removes file when SAML is used on overwrite with mapped drive


– Stop Cloudflare service errors in event log when cwc/wopi not enabled

– Add additional retry on file downloads when server busy/access denied
– queue adding files to shared memory (add first file to shared memory, add second file to shared memory)
– add file again to shared memory on error (add to shared memory error) (wait 250 milliseconds and try again)
– add file again to shared memory on error (read file error) (wait 250 milliseconds and try again)

-Improve File locking handling with Office 97 files


-Production Release


-Update Cloud Web Connector/Office 365 Wizard Wording in Admin Panel


-Fix  Places in Office iOS does not work


-Fix Share via OneDrive fails on 5.4


-Fix User can’t login from other domain in forest


Fixed a bug related to cloudflare when disabling Cloud Web Connector and/or Office Online (Office 365)


Improved handling of DNS changes for Clients with Direct WOPI Access


Improves tests for proper delegation permissions


Fix WCF AppPool logging users out prior to session expiration


Update notice If CWC or Office 365 relay are enabled prompt user to accept additional notes on setup


Update tests for proper delegation permissions


Fix empty shares when logging in via AzureADS Saml w/Nasuni NAS appliance hosted shares


Fix file download problem when using SAML/ADFS/SSO


Add new tests for proper delegation permissions

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-4-0- Preview

– Cloud Web Connector and Office Online Editing migrated to Cloudflare tunnel service

– Improve file download speeds using memory mappings

– Fix User can’t login with apostrophe in name

– Update Cloud Web Connector/Office 365 Admin Panel

– Update minimum versions for MapDrive and Mobile Client

– If cloud web connector is enabled set maximum file size to 100 MB

– Fix Slow loading Admin Page after upgrade/restart

– Fix Right click on a file in the web client does not work

– Add Prompt for user to confirm moving folder in Web Client

– Disable Printing Office Online when DLP enabled

– Reduce initial load of users when adding to shares to 100 to improve query performance


Update messages that only Chrome supports folder upload in web client


-Fixed issue opening Office documents from the webclient in local office on macOS


-Improved startup speed of MWD Server Admin Panel Site


-Improved behavior of web client when username contains an apostrophe


-Improve feedback when saving shares and share paths are invalid


-Improve feedback when enabling previous versions feature

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-3-2-0 Production Release

New Features
-Added support for Outbound Proxy for MyWorkDrive server licensing connectivity

Fixes & Updates
– Web Client Document Viewer Update
– Switch to Absolute Session expiration for Client connections.
– Added additional client session expiration options to improve flexibility
– Fixed a bug in search status in Admin settings
– Updates for mobile client support for session expiration
– Fixed a bug in Office 365 editing where document ID was not set correctly
– Audit for shares hosted on server 2019
– Fixed a bug when license server is not available (retries)
– Fixed a bug in Cloud Web Connector relay status
– Fixed a bug in Office 365/Online co-editing
– Fixed a bug in Duo when used with SSO
– Fixed a bug in Co-Editing in Office 365
– Fixed a bug where drive letters were not saved when Enabling drive letter feature
– Fixed a bug where changes to Cloud Web Connector, Office 365 online settings were not saved.
– Fixed a bug where Service logs where not correctly rolling to the next day
– Fixed a bug where changes to Cloud Web Connector, Office 365 online edit not saved
– Fixed a bug where drive letters in admin panel not saved on exit


– Fix mobile save to MyWorkDrive place from Microsoft Office


– Fix mobile user session timeout issues


– Ensure user’s who login using SAML on mobile app can switch users on logout


– Add support for DUO authentication when SAML is enabled on all clients


-Fix Share via OneDrive integration


-Adding additional logging of SSL certificate binding process on upgrade


-Released to production

-Fix issues logging on to mobile client with passwords set to expire message


-Add support for outbound proxy setup on server settings and licensing


-Improve file locking with multiple servers and sessions

– Add new option to allow setting session timeout options on mobile & mapped drive


– Fix creating folders when using ADFS/SSO login

– Update server to run without internet connection or proxy

Task 2283 – Customer’s new MWD server very slow and throwing errors


–  DUO on mobile client prompt improvements


– Fix Mapped Drive client issues when connecting to MWD server starting if Azure AD is enabled.
– Upgrade 5.2 > 5.3 licensing


– Display customized password expired and locked out messages in mobile clients


– Set new document creator and create date to user when creating a new document via the web client


– Improve performance of MyWorkDrive Server when unable to connect to Internet/Licensing Servers


-Security Enhancement – close server session after exit/loggoff using Windows client
-Block Shared Public User form logging into WebDAV if enabled


Additional File locking improvements with multiple MWD Servers


-Prevent saving share names with \ character


-Add Message on Mobile for Shared public User denying access


-Improve File locking with multiple MWD Servers

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-3-0-46 Preview

-fix setup issues with special characters in company name field

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-3-0-45 Preview

-Fix errors upgrading very old licenses to new 5.3 format

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-3-0-44 Preview

– Improve feedback in Web Client when renaming a file- name already exists

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-3-0-43 Preview

– Improve display on international date in Web Client

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-3-0 Preview

New/Enhanced Server Features
– New Shared User Access – Secure Public sharing of files and folders – Read more here
– New licensing process to ease support for upgrades and migrations
– New Multiple Map Drives – map multiple drive letters in the Windows client (requires 5.3 map drive client) – Read more here
– Added Shibboleth option to pre-defined SSO/SAML Providers
– Added Custom error messages for Password Expiration
– Added Custom error message for account lock out
– Added UPN name as a variable for home folders
– Added Manual Saml Config file for reference.
– Added recommendation regarding browser type/version
– Deployed a new file locking process for office documents
– Added ability to zip files for sharing via Outlook/OneDrive
– Added URL to logging for Web Client
– Added download link for map drive client to Web client.
– Added Invite option to OneDrive sharing

Server Fixes
– Improved performance of Duo push acceptance for Mobile App
– Fixed a case where ADFS logins experienced empty folders
– Improved support for Resource-based Kerberos Constrained Delegation for Azure AD Domain Services
– Fixed file opening error for Mobile Office
– Adjusted settings to address timeouts for large files transferred to OneDrive for sharing
– Fixed PortBridge service running but stalled/disconnected
– Fixed an error with Excel files being mis-reported as corrupt
– Fixed an error in share internal links with DLP enabled and Office online disabled.
– Security enhancements for compliance testing with Security Headers, Mozilla
– Changed installer to better handle upgrades and admin panel cache
– Fixed admin panel login crash bug.
– Changed the description for block/allow file types in Admin|Settings
– Fixed an issue with Outlook sharing login and MFA
– Updated Share via Outlook to new Microsoft API version
– Fixed a bug where home folders where not displayed with SSO logins
– Fixed a bug in Favorites folder creation for new install
– Fixed a .NET Error on ADFS Login
– Fixed a bug in Admin panel for Office Online settings
– Fixed a bug for users in duo bypass and local web edit
– Changed OneDrive setting to control both download and share.


-fix setup issues with special characters in company name field


– Improve feedback in Web Client when renaming a file- name already exists

– Improve display on international date in Web Client


– Mobile Office Places broken after password change
– Write license usage count to csv or log file on server
– License Key not found on back end portal after activating
– Open CSV in Office in Local Edit
– Network Shortcuts display error if pointing to a subfolder
– OneDrive Toggle in Settings – extend to Downloads


-Add new API to permit refresh open locks in mapped drive, other clients


-Fix user in DUO Bypass can’t login to local web edit


-Extend file lock timeout to 15 minutes to allow client refresh locks


-Fix admin panel  login errors when already logged in


-Prevent share internal links from opening in office online edit


-Preserve manual saml.config on upgrade


-Create Favorites folder during MWD installation


-Update to support document editing in local office with shibboleth SAML provider


-Set Google Chromebooks to open Office files in Office online on double click even if local editing is enabled (Chromebooks don’t have local office Apps).


-Add Shibboleth Office Online Auth error logging


-Fix – Logging into ADFS to edit document locally logs off browser


-Add Clear Cache on Admin panel web page when upgraded


Add option to re-activate License on new server


-Add – Add Port bridge service error checking and recovery


-Fix ADFS token cache issue


-Fix Webclient login doesn’t work when DUO is enabled – Invalid user


– Remove phrase “in browser” from Enterprise ADFS/SAML config for ADFS


New/Enhanced Server Features
– Add Alternate Viewer for Large Text Files
– New Diagnostic Upload scheduling
– Add File age filter option
– Add Administrative Alerts via Email
– Improved setup handling for IIS conflicts
– Add Auto-clear server log files
– Improved handling for open files during setup process.
– Add Reminder about delegation during SAML setup process
– Add Support for AzureAD Logout
– Improved logging of zip file downloads
– Add Onelogin SAML Provider
– Add Okta SAML Provider
– Improved SAML setup process for all providers
– Add Favorites to web client.
– Added Export/Import of settings for easy backup/restore.
– Revised setup process with new information prompts.

Server Fixes
– Update Microsoft WOPI URL
– Fix permissions for local administrator in web client as user
– Fixed issue with long folder names in Web Client
– Fixed server session timeout for administrator login prompt
– Fixed issue with document cache file clearing
– Fixed issue with licensing server performance under extreme load


– Update MWD server 5.1 to support new license type


-Update – Back Office License Count Reporting frequency


-Fix – Back Office License Count frequency when SAML/ADFS Logins used


– Update MWD server 5.1 to support new license type


-Fix – SAML Login for local office from web client inconsistent
-Fix  – Mobile web Client Logoff Button SAML Missing


– Fix – Session Timeout options in Settings – Timing differences


– Production released

– Error on admin login page when session times out fixed

– Open office files in office online as default

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-1-0-19 Preview

– Error Displayed when SSO username does not match Active Directory Username

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-1-0-16 Preview

– Add ADFS/SAML SSO support to edit in local office option

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-1-0-15 Preview

-Update Error Displayed when SSO username does not match Active Directory Username
-Fix  Session Timeout options in Settings not properly logging off user when ADFS/SSO used
-Update MyWorkDrive Service startup on reboot and user/admin login message

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-1-0-14 Preview

-Fix  Error Displayed when SSO username does not match Active Directory Username
-Update Logout of browser  with ADFS/SSO and 2 browsers message

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-1-0-13 Preview

– Update ADFS/SAML SSO support to edit in local office option

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-1-0-12 Preview

-Fix- Upgrade disables SSO/ADFS on existing installs

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-1-0-11 Preview

– Add ADFS/SAML SSO support to edit in local office option

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-1-0-10 Preview

– Minor wording updates for Office Admin Panel Settings
– Improve performance of  IIS Application Pool under heavy load

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-1-0-9 Preview

– Set default to allow users to login with only home drives if not already specified
– Fix Upgrade turns off SSO/ADFS on existing installs
– Fix Error 500 sharing via outlook if special char in file name

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-1-0-8 Preview

-Add Open Office Files for edit from browser

-Fix Macro office file extensions not detecting locks

-Fix Logout of browser with ADFS multiple browsers open

-Fix Folder read only permissions in mapped drive create illusion user can create file or folder

-Fix OneDrive Error 500 when Office Administrator has denied sharing anonymous links

-Update Move and rename domain bindings to Email Domain URL Lookup


-Add code to support office online host page pop up changes

-Add new Active Directory group lookup option (manually configured)


-Fix pulling users in nested groups within groups added to shares


-Fix pulling user groups when ADFS used

– Production Version Released
– Fix Deleting sites in domain bindings removes wrong site
– Update – MWD Support link on web client site updated if default used
– Move and rename domain bindings to Email/URL Lookup

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-0-0-16 Preview

-Fix – Deleting sites in domain bindings removes wrong site

-Update Support link on web client site to new MWD Support Site

-Update Move and rename domain bindings to Email Domain Lookup

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-0-0-15 Preview

-Fix Office 365 File Locking when document opened from mapped drive client

-Update Add Azure AD SSO App Gallery Listing details to back end saml config

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-0-0-14 Preview

-Fix issues with special characters in folder name not allowing upload download in Web File Manager browser client

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-0-0-13 Preview
– Enabled compression on Web Client Site in IIS

MyWorkDrive-Setup-5-0-0-12 Preview

– Add setting Office Online Edit for DLP by Share/User/Group
– Add warning if Previous Versions agent not installed but enabled
– Add Online Viewer for for 60+ file types which also allows blocking clipboard/printing, DLP Watermarking and detail logging
– Add Whitelist/Blocklist option for file opening file types in Mapped Drive Client
– Add SAML SSO support: Onelogin, Okta, Ping Identity, Azure AD, etc.
– Add support for opening office documents from Windows Mapped Drive Client using One Time Password
– Add separate global configuration option under data leak prevention for enabling Office Online Editing
– Add option to disable password saving on mapped drive clients to meet compliance requirements
– Allow full branding in trial mode
– Update server encryption Cryptographic library to support FIPS compliance
– Update skip showing file locks on loading of folders to improve web file manager speed
– Update Move display of search status to individual shares to improve admin panel page loading speed
– Update MWD Port Bridge windows service – set to automatic delayed start
– Update .net version fix for after Windows update no files shown in web client
– Update Minimum mapped drive client check
– Update .net version fix for after Windows update no files shown in web client
– Prompt user to login if use current credential chosen when opening office documents with mapped drive
– Rename Data Loss Prevention to Data Leak Prevention
– Fix Clicking info button in mobile browser client does not allow user back to folder
– Fix – Empty Nalpeiron device id
– Fix Download as zip error on large amount of small files


-Add code to support office online host page pop up changes

-Add new Active Directory group lookup option (manually configured)


-Fix pulling user groups when ADFS used


-Fix some users cannot add office mobile app due to + in password field


-Fix user can’t login even though member of group if session cached on MWD Server and recently added to group


-Fix issues with special characters in folder name not allowing upload download in Web File Manager browser client


-Fix do not warn user that password will expire if set to never expire


-Add manual configuration option to skip displaying locks on folders with many office documents to speed up enumeration of file list in web client: <CheckDirectLocksForOfficeFilesOnOpenFolder>true</CheckDirectLocksForOfficeFilesOnOpenFolder> false disables display of file locks.


-Update components to .net 4.6


-Set all MyWorkDrive services to ‘Automatic Delayed Start’ to ensure they all start on slower servers.  If site is accessed before all services are started users will receive a message in the web browser client to wait and refresh the browser page.


Fix – Windows 10 Photo App not saving to mapped drive – update server copy/save procedures


Fix – %username% variable not resolving


Fix – update notifications for AD password expiration


Fix – Can’t import current permission if object is greater than record number 1000 users or 1000 groups in active directory


-Fix User can’t login using upn suffix using DUO on web client


– Fix Users can’t login after upgrading using myworkdrive service


– Fix user can’t login using upn suffix on some domains


-Add ability to manually set redirect URL to properly handle Sonicwall SRA/SMA reverse proxy with new RedirectFullURL configuration option


-Fix can’t enable Office 365 editing until cloud connector is enabled first


– Fix can’t login without inputting domain name in some cases


– ADFS – no shares for user should display proper message
– license unknown demonstration mode – service startup timeout – improve feedback
– Setup Client site on port 80 if available and link it to admin panel shortcut
– Allow administrator to edit share path
– Add ability to open documents in a local Office Online Server instead of Office 365 Online
– Improve dtsearch results based on user permissions
– Mobile Web File Manager Client – allow user to select mobile browser site
– Add ability to require uses to be added to at least 1 share to login even if display home drives enabled
– Set default double click to view in browser for pdf’s
– Warn user that password will expire if <= 14 days
– Change server setup wording to improved feedback
– Fixed Mapped Drive does not allow user to login unless explicitly added to a share in some cases
– Add option to require email address as username in all clients
– If mobile is disabled in settings take user to mobile browser site
– Improved password verification in Web Client to reduced lockouts
– Add ability Open Office Files in Office Online when using Mobile Browser Client on iPads

MWD Server version

–  Separate Outlook/OneDrive External Sharing enable/disable options

MWD Server version
– Fixed search to display users when adding to shares on domains with >1000 users

MWD Server version 4.1.0:
– Added ability to display Windows Network Shortcuts in Windows File Shares
– Added ability to open CSV Files in Excel Online
– Added admin panel notification on wrong username/password
– Added require SSL option in admin panel – rewrites http to https on web client site
– Added option to disable Mobile Client usage
– Added multiple sessions – allow mobile and map drive clients to login simultaneously
– Added Customized Download Mapped Drive Client link added to branding options
– Added 255 Character path limit reached warning added to web browser client error details
– Added Admin panel zip file download timeout limits added to settings
– Added Hide Edit Option If mapped Drive is disabled in Admin Panel
– Added Maximum file path depth reached warning when uploading files/folders
– Added Admin interface to restart IIS/Pools
– Added display warning if user domain password will expire within 2 weeks
– Fixed User Share changes don’t apply until restart of IIS/Pools
– Fixed Web Client Site not displaying file path limit error 500
– Fixed Download as zip not working if folder name has a + sign in it
– Fixed Search box displaying even if not enabled when share is a network path
– Fixed Two Factor reports disabled when in trial from API
– Fixed browsing is slower when ADFS is enabled
– Fixed folders with special characters and sending attachments from them
– Fixed Default domain not used when logging on to Admin Panel on some servers
– Fixed Properties of file or folder cutting of h of https in location and space in internal shortcuts

MWD Server version 4.0.3:
– Fixed display issue for licenses used last 30 days/all time
– Allow file locking without delegation enabled to remote share
– Admin panel download/upload zip file timeout setting added
– Admin panel ENTERPRISE menu loading times improvements
– Default windows domain now used when logging on to Admin Panel

MWD Server version 4.0.2

– Improve relay O365 status placement when cloud connector is enabled

– Fix issues with support for variables in share paths when ADFS used to login

– Fix issues with Outlook online attachments when ADFS used to login

– Update Office Online integration to support FIPS compliant algorithm

– Changed file lock timeout to 5 minutes if file not unlocked and user disconnected (was 1 hour)

– Added customization option for mapped drive download prompt location in web browser client

– Added option to require ADFS Login url use only in web browser client

MWD Server version 4.0.1:
– Fixed Customer unable to open docs in office 365 file permission read issue when ADFS used
– Licenses used last 30 days/all time change to show in admin panel for all license types
– added 3 – 30 second retries for slower servers to complete uninstall when upgrading
– folders with special characters and sending attachments in Outlook online – fixed
– User “system” is showing as user in mwd logs accessing files/shares (ADFS) – fixed
– ADFS Setup on clean server: error – object not set to an instance of any object – fixed

MWD Server version 4.0

– Used Licenses – All Time add to licenses usage
– MyWorkDrive Service – Recovery – Restart the Service automatically

– Added additional relay monitoring auto-connect functionality to server
– Fixed issue default language on web client manager login page not displaying proper language before login

– Added new API functions to support Mac Mapped Drive client

– Fixed issues added/changing users on already added share

– Allow customizing login and web client pages: Enterprise license required

– Added warning when uploading files/folders in web client exceeding maximum path length of 255 characters

– Add Option to Disable Public sharing on/off even if download is allowed

– Update DUO save settings to verify configuration

– Add support for Visio files in office online – now supported

– Share Externally, Using Outlook Online added to Web Client

– Remove Search wording and magnifier if not enabled

– Added support for variables when adding share (for example: \\servername\home\%username%)

MWD Server version

– Mapped drive: Added support for saving PDF with Adobe software (‘sequential writing’ replaced with ‘random writing’)

MWD Server version

– Fixed problem with lock info message shown when opening Office files from mapped client.

MWD Server version
– Fixed ‘random cloud connector site name when Office 365 edit enabled without utilizing cloud connector

MWD Server version
– Fixed ‘Download as zip’ issues for larger files by adding additional buffering

MWD Server version
– MWD Service – changed waiting time from 20 seconds to 60 seconds to allow server restore all resources after start/reboot on slower servers

MWD Server version
– MWD Service – fixed license issues when checking license status

MWD Server version
– MWD Service –  updated application to better handle license errors on initialization

MWD Server version 3.2.0
– Completely Updated Web File Manager Interface
– Added Previous Versions Web Restores
– Download to OneDrive within Web File Manager added
– Server supports running with without TLS 1.0 for locked down environments
– Web Client – Added download as zip on toolbar
– dtSearch integration
– Web Client – fix for not showing default logo
– Added more details to log files
– Port Bridge – Updated port bridge windows service on MWD server to monitor MWD site and Office Online
– Web Client – fix when Folders won’t upload using drag & drop or Upload if they are empty
– Logging – RefreshLicense error is logged as warning
– Admin Panel – support for two types of license key (full, short).
– Admin Panel – Settings: if MWD site is disabled then configured site name is visible (last configured site name)
– Web Client – Fixed DUO 2FA Page to show custom logo if specified
– Admin panel: updated to automatically enable ‘cloud web connector’ on enter new license (if cloud web connector was automatically disabled by license)
– web client – fixed ‘license unknown’ on login page after restart for serveral minutes
– web client – fixed external share functionality
– web client – implemented pop-up to install mapper client when editing document
– Setup checks/installs .NET 4.6

MWD Server version 3.1.0


– New feature – enable/disable download by user/group (data loss prevention)

– Web Client – Added new functionality for external sharing (Email share) using OneDrive

– Allow trial access Enterprise features: ADFS & SSO, Two Factor Authentication, Data Loss Prevention

– Added new licenses types: Enterprise 50, 100, 200 (task 1052)

– Now user can be logged in with the same username at the same time in mapper client and web client

– Admin Panel – Disabled/Enabled buttons changed to On/Off
– Web Client – Added redirect to app store when mobile client is detected
– Status of cloud web connector for Office Online (up/down) is monitored from our relay servers
– Web client – message changed for online edit in web client
– Fixed licensing for expired license (‘Cloud web connector’ and ‘Office 365 Online Edit’ are grayed out) (task 1048)
– Fixed licensing issue (if license is downgraded then the license file is cleared) (task 1048)
– Fixed licensing issue (number of allowed users after downgrade license)
– Web client – pop-up ‘Download disabled’ is displayed on user login (task 1039)
– Web Client – Hidden “Open folder in file manager” in tree view context menu
– Web Client – Fixed save file name issue when file is downloaded (encoded file name issue)
– Web Client – Updated error message for firefox folder upload
– Updated MWD to support two types of authentication (root MWD site – basic authentication, child MWD site – windows authentication)
– Updated MWD licensing
– Admin Panel – Fix (IE11) – enable/disable feature ‘cloud web connector’
– Admin Panel – Fixed share grid coluns width
– Added message at the end of server setup: “Reboot server to complete setup”
– Admin panel – feature ‘ADFS & SSO’ is enabled only for Enterprise and Partner license
– Web Client – if download is disabled then ‘Share Externally’ is grayed out (top menu, right mouse click)
– Web Client – Issues when same user logged into mapped drive and web clients at same time
– Web Client – if download is disabled then ‘Share Externally’ is grayed out (top menu, right mouse click)
– Admin panel – advanced settings – updated ‘Global Prevent Downloads’ to ‘Globally Prevent Downloads’
– Updated MWD to support two types of authentication (root MWD site – basic authentication, child MWD site – windows authentication)
– WebClient – Fixed issue with Mapper Client logging in using “Use my current credentials”

– Admin Panel – Fixed issue with Cloud web connector Enable/Disable button not working in Chrome & Firefox

– WebClient – Fixed issue – Browser Login with email address/upn suffix fails with DUO Two Factor

– WebClient – Double click changed behavior open office document to open online instead of locally in webclient when office 365 editing enabled

Version  3.0.0

– Admin panel – Added Configuration Wizard

– Web Client – Performance optimizations

– Web Client – Changed error message when file/folder was copied to read only folder

– Web Client – Changed error message when trying to edit read only file in Office365

– Web Client – fixed login without domain name (is not case sensitive)

– Web Client – Fix for blocking file upload whe file size exceeds limit – now it won’t create file with size of 0KB

– Admin panel – added translations for French, German and Spanish

– MWD server updated to keep configuration using Installation Id

– Service – Updated licensing configuration and logging

– Installer – fixed issues with displaying error message

– Web Client – fixed sorting bug in Edge browser

Version 2.2.003.
– Fixed Partner-3 license – enabled Branding page (MWD Admin panel – Branding) (#846 Partner-3 License does not grant access to enterprise features)

– Web Client – fixed login without domain name (is not case sensitive)

Version 2.2.002.
– Improved selection of ADFS certificate (token-signing) if detected more than one valid certificate (#823 ADFS Error on 2.2.000)

Version 2.2.001.
– Fixed bug related to upgrading license from Trial (activate license key) (#811 Invalid license code)

New Features:
– TwoFactor DUO authentication integration
– Office 365 Online – functionality to edit/co-edit office documents online
– Internal File Sharing link functionality enhancements with Office 365 Online Co-Editing
– Added support for Windows autentication for MyWorkDrive Mapped Drive client (logon using current credentials)
– Added option to enable/disable use of Mapper Client in Admin application (Advanced Settings)
– Https bindings are now preserved for WebClient site after updating MWD server
– MyWorkDrive Mapped Drive Client for Windows 1.0 released
Fixes & Enhancements:
– Fix for WebClient – Share button not functioning the same as right mouse click
– Fix for WebClient – Move Share on Menu up and remove “versions” in Context menu
– Fix for WebClient – Pause upload not working
– Fix for WebClient – Fixed local lock; Fixed saving (Office Online/Desktop)
– Updated MWD website configuration to increase max length of URL (1024 characters) (task 739)
– added new license Partner-3 to the MWD server
– Web client API – improved performance regarding saving documents
– updated error handling for ADS (alternate data streams) to check upload file on Linux machine (without ADS)
– Fix for max URL length in web client (1024)
– Fixed Office 365 Online bug – After authenticating to edit a document in 0365 wrong url returned
– Fixed Office 365 Online bug – Opening share link results in HTTP Error 404.0 Not Found
– Fixed Office 365 Online bug – Clicking Share link when editing document in office 365 online creates an error
– Fixed Office 365 Online bug – When office file is open in mapped drive client file is marked as locked in web client but can still be opened in office online edit mode
– Added feedback when Office 365 Online enabled in Admin application or status when operational
– Update Context Help when highlighting an office document
– Updated MWD to support Linux/Samba File Servers: replaced ADS (alternate data streams) with XML file
– Added 2FA settings in Admin application (Advanced Settings)
– Updated MWD software to get edition from licensing service
– MWD Control Panel – removed link for web client application
– Removed “Open folder in OS” on right mouse click in web client
– Fix for File not locked when ADS used for SAMBA Servers and Office 365 Online Editing
– Fix for opetion to use my current credentials in mapper client and with WebDAV
– Fix for WebDav and windows authentication support
– Fixed encoding issue with file names and branding
– On MacOS office documents are opened online instead of edited locally in browser
– Fix for WebDav and Windows authentication support for WebDav Navigator
– Fix for OFfice 2016 prompting login when editing file from web client
– Fixed issue when searching AD users in Admin Panel – no longer limited to 1000 users
– Fixed bug with showing file after upload has been cancelled
– Fixed locking issues that prevent saving documents
– Added pop-up message when opening read-only office online documents
– Fixed sharing functionality when 2FA is enabled
– Disabled unnecessary buttons in ribbon for root folder in web client
– Disabled unnecessary actions on right mouse click on root folder in web client
– Fix for deleting folders in web client.

Version 2.1.045
– Fix for “View online” – problem with showing old cached version after editing document
– Fix for Search not working in web client
– Fix for “Download as zip” – problem with corrupt file

Version 2.1.044.
– Share functionality in web client to share and internal link
– New option to customize session timeout in advanced settings of admin panel
– Localization of back office messages in admin panel
– Fix – search now includes user home folders
– “Restart Now” button will be shown in installer if restart is required
– New security option on login screen to define browser session duration depending if computer is public of private

Version 2.1.043.
– Fix – Removed background url linking on login page
– Admin Panel – option to enable/disable fields on the Branding page according to current license
– Fix – disabled checking if ‘windows search’ is enabled for all shares (to improve speed of listing root folders)

Version 2.1.041
– Logoff button wording
– Branding tab on Admin application
– Login page branding
– Customized Help page url
– Better logo sizing on admin panel
– Improved speed of listing for network shares

Version 2.1.039
– Image preview functionality added to web client
– Fix for downloading files when ADFS is used
– Login page now displays message if license is expired or in trial
– PDF preview functionality in web client on right mouse click
– Fix for download button not working in web client
– Fix for WebDAV drive mappings case sensitivity in share name when using software

Version 2.1.038

– ‘Office 365 Online Edit’ placeholder for future is added to Admin Panel
– Fix for missing resources in Admin Panel
– Fix for downloading files with special characters
– Fix – WebDAV drive mappings are no longer case sensitive
– Improved listing time for large directories
– Fix for open/download file for ADFS authentication

Version 2.1.037

– Fixed Webclient issues loading in Mozilla Firefox 50 and higher

Version 2.1.036

– Added Support for installing on Windows 2016 Server

Version 2.1.035

– Improved search – skip inaccessible files

– Installer – Pop up warning before starting .net 4.5.1 setup

– Installer – start automatically MWD setup after reboot because of .net 4.5.1 installation

– Installer – start automatically default Internet browser and open MWD admin panel after reboot because of MWD configuration

Version 2.1.034

– Replaced AjaxFileBrowserService.svc WCF service with WebAPI calls.

– MWD Installer does not need .NET components to be installed beforehand

– MWD Installer has .NET 4.5.1 installation included

– MWD Installer has complete package of all needed components so does not neet to download them anymore.

– Fixed issue with MWD setup appearing to be stuck at 70%

– Fixed issue when Download se zip hangs up Webclient

– Fixed issue when search is not enabled at root of site

Version 2.1.033

– All client components are now built against .NET framework 4.5 or 4.5.1

– Downloading multiple folders/files at once.

– WebDAV on/off wording updated

– Fixed issue with search when FQDN is specified in share name

Version 2.1.032

– Fixed issue with setup version 2.1.031 where Multi-folder feature was not included in build (Task 509 – Multi-folder feature no included in build)

– Fixed issue with setup version 2.1.031 where unable to sign-in as user to webclient (Task 506 – Version 2.1.031 unable to sign-in as user to webclient)

Version 2.1.031

– Fixed issue with setup version 2.1.030 where MyWorkDrive Service doesn’t get installed (Task 502 – 2.1.030 setup breaks nalperion licensing on Windows 2008 r2)

Version 2.1.030

– Change in web.config of the WCF service, setting parameter minFreeMemoryPercentageToActivateService=”1″

– Ajax File Browser – fixed folder selection on browser refresh

– Changing impersonation type to improve locking office files

– Localization – Spanish, German and French Language introduction

– Showing Access Denied message when user does renaming, deleting, updating, … and he doesn’t have permissions to do it (Task 225 – Provide User Feedback for read only permissions)

– Changing session timeout and cache time to live to 5 days

– Changing application pool settings to recycle every 5 days and not to shut down if certain period elapses (20 minutes) and no requests come to the server

– Added javascript call to check is session alive

– Edit folder in Admin Panel changed from pop up to seperate web page

– Added option to disable Web DAV

– Multi-File-Folder Upload/download- possibility to Download ziped content from different browsers