Cloud File Sharing Services

coud file sharing

A review of recent posts on file sharing and cloud solutions reveals an ongoing demand for an easy file web access and map drive solution for existing Windows File Servers that’s not currently available in typical file sharing services.  Intivix – our MSP in San Francisco – looked for products to fill this demand and came up short. All the products assumed clients are looking to sync all their data to the cloud or users’ desktops–something unfeasible when file server storage for even the smallest clients exceeds 1 terabyte. Intivix therefore ended up designing their own product––and setup a new company around it. Intivix now uses it at numerous clients and for their own secure file remote access solution.

Most Appreciated Features of MyWorkDrive by Businesses

  • 100% native Windows product:  Easy to patch and ties into active directory (with nothing to configure) and inherits existing NTFS permissions, users and groups.
  • File access solution without VPN: End-users utilize the file web access browser client or WebDAV to map drives; there are no sync clients to maintain or troubleshoot.  We leave synching to whatever service the client prefers for a subset of their files – Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc..
  • Choice between Simple or Advanced File Viewer: Files can be viewed on iPads or for power users they can utilize WebDAV to connect to shares using 3rd party apps.  (We recommend WebDAV Navigator for both iOS and Android powered phones.)
  • Easily Scan, Update and Manage: Our security utilizes Windows IIS Our optional free relay service allows small clients to access files through our Azure service bus relay: so no Firewalls, SSL Certificates or host names to configure, and no open ports to servers. We regularly scan our relay servers using Qualys SSL Labs to ensure an A rating.

With MyWorkDrive users can connect to internal files & shares using any web browser, map drives over WebDAV and enjoy ease of access on any mobile device – all while providing internal access at gigabit speeds using mapped drives users already know.

With MyWorkDrive users enjoy all the benefits of cloud file server access without giving up their data!