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Integrations Tab

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Starting with MyWorkDrive 6.4, we have added a new Integrations tab to server Administration. This provides a type of storefront as well as a easy-access management area for configuration of applications that can integrate with MyWorkDrive.

After enabling/configuring the desired service in the Settings or Enterprise tab, the selected option, as well as other possible options, can be viewed/configured within the Integrations tab.

Selecting the Add Settings button allows you to configure a new service, but enabling it must be done from the Settings or Enterprise tab. This permits administrators to view/edit configurations for items which are not currently in use – to view history – or to stage pending changes.

Upon release, these are the available options:

Reverse Proxy:

Online Editing Providers:

Storage Providers:

SSO Providers:

2FA Providers:

Search Providers:

Log Providers: