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Microsoft Edge WebView2

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The MyWorkDrive Map Drive client for Windows uses Microsoft Edge WebView2 as of client version 6.3, which is a seperate install that is processed at the time of install of the Map Drive client.

Server Administration uses Edge WebView2 as of server version 6.4 as an option for Administration as well. This permits administrators to edit without needing to install a browser on the server.

What is Microsoft Edge WebView2

Edge WebView is a built in viewer for web content. It is built on the new Chromium based Edge Microsoft introduced in 2020. It is used to display login windows for SSO (AzureAD) as well as other system services in the Map Drive client, and the administration features on the server. It is a replacement for the built in IE mini browser on the client, which has been used since Windows XP but is now end of life by Microsoft and as an alternative to IE or another browser on the server.


Edge WebView is downloaded and installed as a slipstream installer using Microsoft Evergreen Bootstrapper by the MyWorkDrive during install. Under normal circumstances no additional action is required to use Edge WebView.

Installation Issues


Installation of the Map Drive client will be incomplete if the Edge WebView component is not installed, and usability will be impacted; particularly if you use an SSO for login (AzureAD, ADFS, Okta, etc) or if you use Duo as part of your sign in process.

Security settings on the client workstation, firewall rules, lack of an internet connection, or installed security products may prevent the installation or running of the Edge WebView component.

Please manually install Edge WebView if the installer is not able to install it, and adjust local security products if an error is presented that it will not run after install.


If the Edge WebView installation fails, you may choose to manually install it, or just use the Open in Browser link to use a browser on the server (IE is not supported, but Chrome, Edge and Firefox are all acceptable.)

Manual Install

You may manually download and install the Edge WebView component from Microsoft using the Evergreen Standalone Links on the Microsoft Download Page

You may find this necessary if

  • You are installing using device management/group policy using extracted/command line
  • You block users from downloading directly from Microsoft
  • The workstation does not have internet access during the install
  • A security product blocks slipstream installers

Edge WebView did not install correctly, what should I do?

  • If you are an end user and you are installing on a workstation managed by your organization, please contact your corporate IT department for assistance.
  • If you are an end user installing on your personal equipment, note that an internet connection is required during install of MyWorkDrive.
    You may try the manual installation of Edge WebView with the download link, please select the appropriate download for your version of Windows (x86, x64) and run that.
    If you are unable to complete the download and install, we suggest using the Web Client to access MyWorkDrive until you are able to obtain assistance from an IT servicer.
  • If you are an Administrator responsible for MyWorkDrive, please review the information above about the usage and installation of Edge WebView.