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Office Online Editing Comparison

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There are a number of ways you can offer Online Office Document Editing to users connected to MyWorkDrive.

Currently we support editing in Office Online through Office 365 and Office Online Local Server for browser based Online editing. We also support editing documents through the browser in locally installed Office.

We are developing several new methods to provide additional options for Online Editing in response to changes by Microsoft to the editing in Office Online and customer demand.

Open Source Online Office Editing: Only Office

We are currently finalizing our new integration of the open source based Only Office Docs online Office file editor. With this option customers will have the ability to run their own Only Office server that provides the same functionality as Office Online at a reduced cost without the need for Office 365 licenses – On Prem or Cloud.

OneDrive/SharePoint Edit

We have developed new options to allow customers to edit local Office files online, by temporarily storing them in SharePoint or OneDrive during edit. These options temporarily copy the file to OneDrive/SharePoint, monitor editing progress, then copy changes back to the customers’ file shares and remove the file from OneDrive/SharePoint when editing is completed. Both options support Co-Editing and File Locking. Preventing download, save as and print are not an option with these methods. For customers who need to allow editing of Office documents online while preventing download, we recommend running your own Microsoft Office Online or Only Office Servers installed locally, or utilize our built-in data leak prevention features.

Comparison of available Options

Our chart is currently a work in progress as we complete development and testing of these features. Please be aware some of these elements will change.

This chart shows some of the important features and options of the supported online editing tools to help make comparison and selection easier