Instantly enable remote file access to Enterprise Windows File Shares using your own storage! Get easy remote file access to existing file shares. No migration, no re-creating permissions, access files from anywhere in a Web Browser, Mapped Drive or Mobile Device without VPN.

Remote File Access

Benefits of MyWorkDrive Remote File Access

MyWorkDrive’s disruptive patented technology enables enterprises to provide instant remote file access to their fileshare servers online without migrating data to new systems, moving to the cloud or changing the way they work.

  • Immediate productivity with easy to use web browser interface
  • Access and share files from Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or any web-enabled device
  • Collaborate with business partners using OneDrive for external sharing
  • Access file shares at high speed using traditional file share mapped drives on-premise
  • Online file editing using Office 365 Online
  • Avoid investments and expense of new Online File Share databases or migrations
  • Secure fileshare collaboration with native NTFS Active Directory user access permissions, detailed logging, and 4096 bit RSA encryption

Enable Remote File Access in Minutes

Instantly added remote file access capabilities to your network. Find out more..

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Easy Remote File Access to Existing Storage

Only MyWorkDrive provides remote file access to windows storage within the enterprise, all through our easy to use mobile, desktop and web browser apps that users find simple to use. By connecting MyWorkDrive to existing Active Directory and file shares in the enterprise MyWorkDrive acts as a gateway to remote access files across the enterprise.

Admins configure existing shares to be made available to users remotely. Existing NTFS permissions, Access based enumeration are preserved. Regardless of the access method, detailed logs are available for compliance and security. Integrate with your existing Backup Solutions – No migrating data to new SQL databases or recreating backup strategies. Integrates seamlessly with Windows Previous Versions with restores available to end-users in our web file manager.

Remote File Access Real World Example

Consider an example – a busy executive traveling through the airport receives a call that the latest proposal their team has been working on needs to be sent to a client for immediate approval. The proposal is saved on the companies file share at the office. In the past accessing this file would mean logging on to a PC, launching VPN, starting Outlook and attaching the file – but there is no time for this. Instead, the executive simply uses their phone to remotely access files with MyWorkDrive, securely logs in and forwards the proposal – instantly, done.

Instantly added remote file access capabilities to your network. Find out more..

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