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Is Your Nonprofit File Share Remote Access Secure?

Many employees within nonprofit institutions around the world are mistakenly taking advantage of the ease of storing and syncing their data seamlessly in the cloud. BUT this simple technology creates a huge security issue for IT administrators—how do they keep that data secure when it’s hosted on someone else’s server or downloaded to a local device literally putting it “out in the wild”?

MyWorkDrive provides a file access solution allowing nonprofit institutions of any size to securely provide their employees access to the files they need on any device using just a Browser, Desktop or Mobile clients. The Admin decides which/or all methods available. No need to open a Security risk by opening VPN, syncing or migrating files to the cloud since MyWorkDrive provides access to files where they exist in Network File shares that are already established. Secure File Share access further using our Data Leak Prevention, Two Factor Security or SAML Shibboleth Authentication module for even more Security. Our “No file left behind” strategy prevents files being accessed on a device that is left unattended, lost or stolen.

Special Nonprofit Organization Offer

MyWorkDrive is a popular file share remote access solution allowing nonprofit institutions to securely provide their employees access to on-campus windows file shares using just a Web Browser, Desktop or Mobile client.

Effective immediately we are offering nonprofit pricing and setup assistance of our MyWorkDrive Enterprise Server File Share Remote Access software.

• Nonprofit Pricing with Unlimited User Logins
• Server Setup Assistance

We’re committed to supporting our users and customers during this challenging time by making remote file access work easier for nonprofit .

Help Your Employees Stay Productive, Secure, & Connected

  • Add Cloud File Access without giving up your data or migrating your files
  • Increase security while giving users cloud functionality
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easy to implement and support- Install MyWorkDrive in minutes
  • Leverage existing infrastructure investments and security
  • Network file sharing using AD and NTFS Permissions; no separate administration
  • Uses backup strategy currently in place for your network shares
  • Desktop clients for Windows, Mac OS X,
  • Mobile clients for Android and iOS
  • Centralized administration and management console
  • No vendor lock in
  • Seamlessly leverages Office 365 which is provided at no charge to nonprofits
  • Discounted Subscription Model specifically for nonprofits

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