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WebDAV Navigator Mobile Setup

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iPhone, iPads, Android WebDAV Navigator Setup

We recommend WebDAV navigator for users who need additional functionality on IOS (iPhone, iPads, Android) that is not already included in our MyWorkDrive mobile clients. With WebDAV Navigator uploading, downloading, viewing and transferring files is very fast and easy. Photos can also be uploaded using the interface directly to server folders.


To get started visit the App Store on your IOS device and search for WebDAV Navigator. There are 2 versions – the paid version provides additional functionality including uploading folders along with files, folder sync and emailing. Either version will work.


Once installed, open WebDAV Navigator and click on the + sign to add a new site:



For Url/Address enter the address provided for your MyWorkDrive web connection when you signed up (Typically or your own site if you’re self-hosted and using your own domain name and SSL Certificate – Please note /dav is case sensitive .


If you would like to map to a specific share instead of the root of your WebDAV site append the share name you created after /dav for example: /dav/shared


Enter the Domain Name\username and password that you use to login to your Windows Domain. For example: Contoso\jsmith. Please note on Android OS the domain name is required along with the username.

Once you are logged in you can download/upload files or photo’s and preview them. To edit office documents, press and hold over a document, choose “Open With..”, then choose your favorite document editor ( eg: Word, Pages, Excel, Numbers ) and the file will open for editing locally on the device. Email or Upload back to the server when you are done editing ( from within Word for example click …Send a copy, send with another app, import with WebDav Nav+ ( saves to local store, upload from there to a folder on the server ).

To configure offline sync with WebDAV Navigator +, see their article here: