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Migrate MyWorkDrive Server to a new machine

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To migrate to a new MyWorkDrive Server following the server setup procedure below:

  1. Setup a new MWD server – please download and install our latest version by registering here:Download, Follow the Server Setup document.  The new server will run in trial mode for up to 30 days (see serial # migration notes below).
  2.  If the MyWorkDrive Server will host files directly (instead of pointing to network shares), migrate the data to the new server and recreate the same folders, permissions and shares.
  3.  Upgrade the old server to the same version of MyWorkDrive as the new server.
  4.  On the new server we will copy over the configuration settings by copying the C:\Wanpath\WanPath.Data\Settings\Wanpathxmlinput.xml file from the old server to the new server.   Prior to copying:

a. Under Control Panel, Admin Tools, Services stop  the “World Wide Web” and “MyWorkDrive Server” Services.

b. Copy and paste C:\Wanpath\WanPath.Data\Settings\Wanpathxmlinput.xml from the old server to the new server in the same location.

c. Start the World Wide Web and MyWorkDrive Services.

The new server will now be live with the same shares and settings as the old server. Review the admin page to verify folder shares and settings.

Cloud Connector Migration:

If you wish to keep your old cloud connector host name ( let us know when you are ready to cutover by emailing and we will remove it for you from the MyWorkDrive relays.  You will then be able to re-enter the old hostname on the new server.

Serial number migration:

Email us a copy of your configuration file located here C:\Wanpath\WanPath.Data\Settings\Wanpathxmlinput.xml to  We will review your file to ensure you can activate your serial number on the new server.   After we receive your wanpathxmlinput.xml file we will set your license so you can re-activate it on the new server.   Once you receive notification and your key from us re-input the license key in your new server admin panel setting page and your license will then be active on the new server.   Notify us when complete and we will deactivate your old server.