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Previous Versions Setup Guide

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MyWorkDrive connects to Windows Volume Shadow Copy Snapshots (VSS) services to enable previous versions restores from our Web Client. When enabled users can right mouse click and restore previous versions of files contained in Volume Shadow Copy Snapshots.

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1. Enterprise License Required

2. Each file server must have Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) snapshots configured and enabled with scheduled snapshots. View the Microsoft Article on enabling this feature. Most companies schedule hourly snapshots during business hours.

3. This feature requires the installation of the previous versions agent on each file server and on the MyWorkDrive Server.

4. For proper network communication ensure port TCP 8351 is allowed inbound from any MyWorkDrive servers to your file servers (for example by default it’s not allows in Windows Firewall if enabled on your file servers).

Once VSS Snapshots are enabled and the MyWorkDrive Previous Versions Agent is installed, Enable Previous Versions in the MyWorkDrive Admin Panel. The shares and versioning status will be displayed.


From the Web Client, right mouse click on a file and choose “Versions”. Choose the version of the file to restore. The previous version of the file will be restored to the same folder with a new name that includes the date and time. The original file will remain in place.