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Webdrive Client Settings

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MyWorkDrive Webdrive Client Settings

We have tested Webdrive – for users who need a continuously mapped drive letter on Windows using WebDAV. Note: We only support our own mapped drive client which providers greater functionality when used with our server product including; Web Drive loading speed, two factor authentication and single sign-on (SAML) options for a true web drive letter experience without WebDAV. These instructions are provided for reference to assist customers in special use cases.

To get started Download and install Webdrive here: Webdrive

Using Site Wizard, Choose Secure WebDAV:



For Url/Address enter the address provided for your MyWorkDrive web connection when you signed up (Typically or your own site if you’re self-hosted and using your own domain name and SSL Certificate – Please note /dav is case sensitive – /DAV – Will not work – ( resolved in version 2.1.39 of the server software).

If you would like to map to a specific share instead of the root of your WebDAV site append the share name you created after /dav for example: /dav/shared

Enter the username and password that you use to login to your Windows Domain.



Custom Settings: Click Advanced Setttings, Connection Settings.

If you are already mapping to drive “W” choose a new unused drive letter.


Since we use strict security for your hosted server setup you will need to select TLS 1.2 Security only:




Disable Quota processing under Basic File Settings:


2. Cache Settings: It is necessary to disable caching. Click, Cache Settings, Basic Cache Settings. Uncheck Inherit global cache settings, select “None – download files from server on each access by an application”.


DAV Settings: To provide locking and proper timeout settings for shared documents: Click “DAV”, then click to enable Auto DAV locking and set DAV Lock timeout to your preferred setting eg: 1 Minute.

Click Next, Select desired Drive letter and if desired Connect at login/startup.

In WebDrive click the connect button for your newly configured site to map the selected Windows drive letter to your MyWorkDrive windows server.