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Provisioning a share in MyWorkDrive (Simple)

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When you provision the shares on the file server, follow the outline in our guide to file sharing.


Note that it is important to set permissions on folders using NTFS security, not just sharing permissions.



It is recommended that you use the UNC path of your shares


and not a file system path like


For maximum compatiblity with the features of MyWorkDrive. A drive letter path will work ok in most instances, but some features like share internal may fail to work correctly.


If you have correctly set NTFS permissions, they will import correctly and you’re all set.


Note that you cannot add permissions via MyWorkDrive using the Users & Groups panel. The correct permissions must exist in NTFS. The users and groups view on shares is to remove users or groups who have access via SMB but should not have access via MyWorkDrive. This permits MyWorkDrive to be more secure and provide less access to remote users as compared to users in the office.