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Windows Map Drive Client Free Disk Space

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The MyWorkDrive Map Drive client from version 5.4.2 and later will correctly resolve the free space on network shares when assigning individual drive letters to each share on the server.

The display may not initially show up. The shares will mount and become available even if the size display is initially inaccurate. It will update and refresh.

If you are not assigining individual drive letters to each share and are letting the map drive client select the drive letter, or are assigning more than one share to a drive letter, the drive letters will display a default from Windows of an incorrect value.

You can suppress the display of free drive space by editing the registry, which may be accomplished with a group policy rule or via your device management.

Some references

The incorrect drive space display will not cause any errors, the map drive shares will work fine regardless of the accuracy of the free space reported.