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File Locking Details

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MyWorkDrive is developed to interact with windows file sharing to place and read locks on files when opened.

When files are opened using the Web Client, Mapped Drive Client or Office 365 locks are set and checked to ensure proper behavior and inter-operation with SMB sharing. As files are opened, if there is either a file open via the MyWorkDrive Mapped Drive, Web Browser Client or via traditional mapped drives (SMB Sharing) user will be notified that the file is locked and will be prompted to open the file in read only mode.

If office documents are opened in Office 365 Online using using our Office Online feature, they may be opened simultaneously by multiple users allowing documents to be co-edited online.  If any office documents are open prior to editing documents online any other method users opening documents in Office 365 Online will received the standard warning that the office document is locked for editing and have the option to open the file in read only mode.

Special WebDAV note: WebDAV is not required and may be disabled from the MWD admin panel.   3rd party WebDAV clients may not respect file locks (our Mapped Drive, Web and Mobile clients do).  If an office file is opened via WebDAV then MyWorkDrive locks write access to the file. MyWorkDrive automatically closes/unlocks files. The application checks WebDAV locks every 15 seconds. If MyWorkDrive doesn’t find active WebDAV locks then the file is closed and unlocked. MyWorkDrive removes locks when a file is closed either through WebDAV or the browser client.   WebDAV software can be configured to specify the lock timeout. If no timeout is set or a timeout of greater than 5 minutes is requested, MyWorkDrive changes the timeout to 5 minutes overriding any client settings.