MyWorkDrive adds cloud capabilities and secure access to Windows File Shares


In a recent Microsoft survey of customers, Windows File Shares continue to be used at a majority of enterprises and small businesses.  Cloud file services simply cannot match the speed and control of local file shares.  Windows File Shares can be easily deployed to users in Windows networks and permissions tie directly into Active Directory.  File permissions are extremely easy to manage and integrate into Windows domain joined PC’s.  IT administrators can also take advantage of Windows Group policies and login scripts to automate the user experience for touch-less automated deployment of file shares to end-users.

Windows File Shares work great on-premise but quickly become a problem when remote access and collaboration is needed.  In the typical enterprise environment users are granted VPN access which they can then use to map a drive to the company file shares.  This places a huge cost burden on IT who is tasked with supporting and managing sometimes 1000’s of VPN connections.  Scripting drives remotely does not work well and with new malware and viruses released daily loss of data is of paramount concern.

Shadow IT can also be an issue since users expect easy cloud style remote access, simple external file sharing and the ability to collaborate on documents with co-workers in real-time – something Windows File Shares were not designed to do.

MyWorkDrive solves these problems with our Web based remote access for windows file shares.  With MyWorkDrive windows file shares are made available to users remotely over a browser, mapped drive or mobile client using https.  Existing file shares are not modified and can be accessed by UNC path internally at the same time.  File locking, User Groups and permissions on file shares are honored.  When MyWorkDrive is deployed existing file shares are made available over https from a Microsoft IIS Website.  MyWorkDrive’s browser based access give enterprises the best of both local based secure and fast access and the cloud services users have come to expect without compromising security while reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO) and leveraging their existing file share infrastructure.  Enterprises can deploy our private cloud file share access server software to enable secure online access without moving data to the cloud while still offering full cloud functionality including:

  • Web Browser File Share Access from Anywhere
  • Mapped Drive over HTTPS
  • Online Collaboration in Office 365 online
  • Mobile  (iOS & Android)
  • Internal & External File Sharing
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Security

MyWorkDrive was designed and engineered by San Francisco based engineers with over 25 years of real-world Windows File Share infrastructure systems administration experience.