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How do floating licenses work?

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MyWorkDrive tracks the number of unique user logins over a floating 30 day period. Your subscription should cover enough users to support those unique logins to MyWorkDrive during any floating 30 day window.   Each active directory user id is counted as a unique login.  Shared user ids are not permitted and violate the license agreement.   To prevent sharing of passwords each user is limited to one simultaneous login to each MyWorkDrive client:  Web Browser, Mapped Drive and Mobile.

Most vendors charge based on a named user model. With MyWorkDrive you only pay for actual usage.  For example: If your company has 500 users and on the average only 200 or less login to MyWorkDrive within a floating 30 day windows you only need to license for 200 users – saving you over 50% on licensing costs. This saves you time as well since you don’t need to allocate licenses to named users like other systems.

Trial licenses expire in 30 days. After 30 days, if not renewed or subscribed, MyWorkDrive functionality will be reduced to the 3 users free edition with reduced functionalities (Office 365 editing, use of our domain and enterprise features are disabled). Web File Access, Mapped Drive and Mobile with your own host name and SSL Certificate continue to function without support.

Enterprise subscriptions can be customized upon request to allow use of the same license key at multiple sites or for clustered installations with a cumulative license count across all MyWorkDrive Servers.