Online File Storage

With Blazing Fast Local AccessOnline File Storage

With MyWorkDrive, IT can transform their existing windows server storage shares into a central online file storage repository. Employees in the office can access and collaborate with shares at fast gigabit LAN speeds, while remote employees can remain productive with the same set of files through mobile devices, any web browser or our MyWorkDrive mapped drive client to create a Web Storage Server solution that fits any enterprise requiement.

Online Collaboration

MyWorkDrive’s hybrid access to cloud file storage is made possible by our patent pending cloud connector, which provides a secure tunnel for access to local storage online in Office 365 while continuously saving any changes back to local shared storage. MyWorkDrive automatically detects internet connections and continuously monitors connections to ensure changes made from the cloud are written to local storage in real-time. No files are ever stored in the cloud, ensuring employees have fast, reliable access to the latest files from any device and any location and security and control of company data is maintained.

Remote Office and Branch Office

For businesses that operate across numerous offices, they need a seamless and secure option for collaborating between each location to keep all teams across an organization up to date with the right information. MyWorkDrive integrates with Azure File Share Sync to provide online file storage access and cloud backup to Azure and across remote offices. With MyWorkDrive local storage is synced to Azure, remote offices and the cloud with local storage access available to all locations. This offers seamless access from any location to data shared in each office.

Hybrid Access

Bandwidth limitations, access speeds and Internet outages limit traditional cloud storage solutions. MyWorkDrive’s hybrid technology solves these problems by combining the accessibility and flexibility of cloud file access with the performance of local file storage. This award-winning approach provides businesses with fast local collaboration and offline access to files to eliminate productivity issues when Internet connectivity becomes unavailable or unreliable.