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MyWorkDrive Cloud Virtual Machine Setup and Evaluation Guide

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The Virtual Machine image of MyWorkDrive server in Azure and AWS is a great way for companies to evaluate the MyWorkDrive service or for small companies to permanently run their file server in the cloud as a standalone machine. The MyWorkDrive virtual machine image creates a server with a standalone Windows Active Directory Domain and windows file shares, as part of the initial setup. All logins are managed in Windows Active Directory. A public website URL and demonstration share are created automatically so you can begin testing immediately.

After the initial setup and restart a fully functional standalone MyWorkDrive Cloud File Server with a sample file share and website URL is ready for testing.

Server Remote Desktop & Admin Logon

Login to the server using the same username/password combination that you used when you deployed your Server or for AWS gather windows credentials for administrator using the EC2 console using your key pair.

This same username and password is used to login to the MyWorkDrive Admin Panel (shortcut on the desktop):

Since Active Directory is used there are no separate logins to the system. The Server Admin Panel will display in a browser. All end user MyWorkDrive settings and features are managed here – File Shares, Office 365 Integration, Search, Logs and reports, etc.

Web Client Login

Shortly after setup you should have received your website login by email. Login using a browser (Chrome recommended) to your company’s website url– e.g. using the username/password that you choose when you setup the server.

Click the Demo Share begin testing:

Upload/download files – upload a sample of office, picture and pdf files using the menu bar or drag and drop files and folders to upload them

View Documents online – Upload an office document and double click to open it online. Login to Office 365 and edit it online. Note all files remain on your MyWorkDrive server and are saved automatically.

Share Documents – Share Internally – create a link to email & Share Externally using OneDrive

Create new files/folders

Mobile Client Testing

Download our mobile client, login to your website url and download and view files/folders.

Mapped Drive Testing

Download our mapped drive client, login to your website url and download and view files/folders. Please note the mapped drive is not supported for production use on our domain * but you may use it for light testing to demonstrate usage.

Next Steps

View the Full Server Setup Guide to continue testing your MyWorkDrive virtual Machine or download the full server trial to install on-premise into your existing Active Directory infrastructure.

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