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Network Shortcuts in MyWorkDrive Clients

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Please note that network shortcuts with UNC paths (.lnk files) are converted to folders on the MyWorkDrive Server to allow users to interact with files within them.

Unfortunately Windows IIS and HTML will not allow us to display shortcuts in their native format or allow them to be managed or edited on the client side as they are processed from the perspective of the MyWorkDrive server only and they are not compatible with web browser clients.

​As an alternative we do offer favorites in the Web Client.

For the mapped drive client shortcuts can be created on the user’s PC (for example desktop e.g. s:\finance ) but they are blocked for security and compatibility reasons with html.

Users who wish to store shortcuts to websites (.url files) may create them on their local desktop and upload them to MyWorkDrive, but using the right click – create shortcut method is blocked for security reasons.