We are excited to announce the availability of of our new Data Leak Prevention (DLP) view of files in the MyWorkDrive mapped drive clients. With this preview release, users will be able to view and edit files online directly from the mapped drive client while still being restricted from downloading as configured on the MyWorkDrive Server. This feature eliminates training requirements for end users and the need to login from the Web Client by using a native view of files and folders in both Windows Explorer and macOS Finder – while adding DLP security features to protect sensitive data.

  • Prevent downloads of files and folders while still displaying files and folders in a traditional mapped drive client interface.
  • View, or Edit files online while blocking download, clipboard, printing, upload or renaming of files.
  • Watermarks and user details displayed and logged on all viewed files.

Check out our video on this ground breaking feature available only from MyWorkDrive!


In addition to our new Mapped Drive DLP viewer options we added these new 6.1 features and updates:

  • Native File Explorer Shortcut support
  • Locked Files Display Page
  • Improve Share Setup and Validation
  • Add import permissions button to existing shares to update permissions
  • Add import metadata url to Manual SAML
  • Improved support to manually support multiple SAML providers (author doc)
  • Web Client now uploads in 50 MB Chunks
  • Clustering Improvements to automatically share logo, SAML configuration
  • Clustering support for DUO 2FA
  • Mapped Drive Bulk Upload Report Export to CSV
  • Mapped Drive Client Windows Updated Driver Fixes
  • Support for Enhanced DUO Security Login “Modern Auth” Workflow (6.1 clients required)
  • Improved PDF Online Viewer Multi-User Performance
  • Add Support for viewing password protected PDFs in Online Viewer

Numerous other enhancements and fixes – Release notes are here.