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Warum sind einige Dateitypen nicht zum Öffnen über MyWorkDrive geeignet?

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Warum kann ich bestimmte Dateitypen (wie Datenbanken, PSTs, Buchhaltungssysteme und dergleichen) nicht über MyWorkDrive öffnen?

A number of file types are not well suited to remote access programs like MyWorkDrive or VPN because their connection methods were designed for always on local access, or at most SMB protocal on a LAN. They were not designed for slow, high latency connections such as the Internet or VPN, and were not designed to be converted/transmitted via HTTPS the way MyWorkDrive does (pulling from the sever on demand; not storing files locally in anticipation of access), nor being subjected to the types of packet inspection HTTPS is subjected to by firewalls, WAFs and endpoint security.

The average home internet bandwidth in the US is approx 100mb/s of download and 20mb/s of upload, not accounting for ping time latency and vulnerability scans at each hop.  Where as the typical office lan is 1000mb/s each direction – with no hops and minimal scanning.  Programs designed to expect an immediate response with very short timeouts will not function well with long waits, deep scans and packet interruptions when only given 1/10th their expected connection, at best.

Auf Dateien wie Datenbanken, große Mediendateien, Designdateien und dergleichen sollte über die vom Autor genehmigten Netzwerkmethoden oder über eine Remotedesktopsitzung zugegriffen werden – nicht über MyWorkDrive. Unsere standardmäßige Sperrliste (sofern optional aktiviert) enthält aus genau diesem Grund ausdrücklich Quickbooks, Access und PST-Dateien.

Einige Anwendungen, bei denen das Öffnen über MyWorkDrive ausdrücklich vermieden werden soll, sind:



Photoshop/Adobe Creative




Microsoft Access

Outlook PST-Dateien

In general, if it is a multi-user database product, or a product that uses a large number of reference files, the files should not be stored on a Share in MyWorkDrive and opened remotely by clients. Please refer to the original software author for networking best practices for the product.