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All MyWorkDrive Server versions include translations for the Web Client and Admin Portal in English, Spanish, French and German. Beginning with version 6.2 translations for Dutch and Portuguese are also available. Version 6.2 also permits administrators to customize language translations.

To customize the language translations, export the existing translations file using the export procedure as outlined below, then import to apply your changes.

O mwd.exe translations export/import application is located in the C:\Wanpath\WanPath.Utilities\Mwd folder.

Export Command
Creates excel file that users can modify based on project switch (TranslationsWeb.xlsx or TranslationsAdministration.xlsx).
Files are created in C:\Wanpath\WanPath.Utilities\Mwd\Translations folder

Example: mwd.exe translations export -project w

Project Switch: w for web or a for administration

Import Command
Loads translations from excel file and writes them back to resource files. Excel files must be located in same folder were they were exported to – C:\Wanpath\WanPath.Utilities\Mwd\Translations. Project switch is used here also.

Example: mwd.exe translations import -project w

Project Switch: w for web or a for administration