MyWorkDrive Version 6.4 Released to Production

We are excited to announce the Production Release of MyWorkDrive Server 6.4 with support for OneDrive and SharePoint Storage and Public file and folder sharing. Version 6.4 also includes additional improvements and bug fixes.

OneDrive/SharePoint Storage

SharePoint and OneDrive are collaboration and document management platforms by Microsoft which can now be integrated with MyWorkDrive for file access and storage services. By enabling OneDrive and SharePoint Storage in MyWorkDrive, customers can now access OneDrive and SharePoint files side by side with standard SMB File Shares. OneDrive/SharePoint File Share Access allows MyWorkDrive Servers to connect to OneDrive and SharePoint Sites and make them available to clients via the MyWorkDrive Web Browser, Desktop as a Mapped Drive and Mobile Clients. In addition to accessing, saving and updating files, OneDrive/SharePoint in MyWorkDrive supports external public file sharing. Support Articles: SharePoint OneDrive

Public Sharing

Starting with version 6.4, With Public Sharing in MyWorkDrive you can securely collaborate with people outside your organization such as your business partners, vendors, clients, or customers — without the recipient needing a MyWorkDrive account. You can share files or folders with them by creating a link that you can send via email or other methods. You can also control who can view or edit your files and set expiration date and password for your link. Public Share links can be created from the Web, Windows and macOS clients, with a public link management tool for users included in the Web client. Support Article

New Consolidated Integrations Tab

We moved all 3rd party integrations to their own tab in the Server Admin Panel called Integrations. This simplifies and enhances support and availability of 3rd party services and storage providers.

Cloudflare File Size Limits Removed

We removed the file size limits for MyWorkDrive sites utilizing our Cloudflare hosts under reverse proxy. MyWorkDrive can be easily integrated with Cloudflare® Tunnel services to automatically provide a secure web address without exposing the MyWorkDrive server to the internet or provisioning security appliances.

MyWorkDrive Server

  • PostgreSQL database option for clustering of sessions and locks.
  • New display for the Admin panel on MyWorkDrive Server using Edge Web View eliminates the need to install 3rd party web browsers.
  • Performance improvements in access/storage of configuration files.
  • Added Device name in Device Approval.

Windows Client

  • Added support for OneDrive and SharePoint shares.
  • Added support for Public Sharing.
  • Fixed a bug when using PreAuth/Conditional Access Compliant Devices with AzureAD.
  • Fixed a bug in the bulk uploader which resulted in failed uploads with select date/time configurations.
  • Added command line option to skip installing context menu for administrators.
  • Improved the size/fit of the SSO Window.
  • Added Support for Co-Editing of OneDrive/SharePoint files (right mouse click)

MacOS client

  • Added support for OneDrive and SharePoint shares.
  • Added support for Public Sharing.
  • Improved log file handling.
  • Implemented new file saving algorithm to mitigate chances of a failed file being written to the server.
  • Improved handling of automated logoff when session expires.
  • Improved UX when cancelling bulk uploader during upload process.

Mobile client

  • Support for OneDrive/SharePoint Access
  • Photo Preview Viewer
  • Landscape support (iPad)

Numerous other enhancements and fixes – Release notes are here.

MyWorkDrive Server Version 6.4 is a major update. Customers are advised to test version 6.4 in a separate or standalone environment prior to deployment.

Contact if you need additional trial keys or existing license key activations for test environments. The Server download requires a login or trial account to download. Click the links below to get started.

6.4 Server Download

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